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greater tubercle

The prominent portion of the humerus that is a rounded projection on the lateral surface of the epiphysis, near the margin of the humeral head, is known as the


In the anatomical position, the ulna is located ____ to the radius


Lateral to the coronoid process, the radial ____ holds the head of the radius in the joint.

8; 2

The are ____ carpal bones located in the wrist, which form ____ rows of bones in the wrist.


Each hand has ____ finger bones.


Which bone is not a composite structure of the pelvis?

both A and C

Which landmark along the ilium is an attachment site for large hip muscles?

both B and D

Ellen is 38 weeks pregnant and is in active labor. In your nursing assessment you should expect the fetal head to descend through which anatomical landmark?


A male has a _____ pelvic outlet when compared to the woman's pelvic outlet.


The heaviest bone in the body is the


The Achilles tendon attaches to which anatomical structure?

squeezes the muscles

The longitudinal arch does all of the following, except that it


Degenerative changes in the skeleton generally begin around which age?


The only fixed support for the pectoral girdle is the


Tina falls and fractures her pisiform bone. What part of her body was injured?

talus and calcaneus

When standing normally, most of your weight is transmitted to the ground by the

cuboid and cuneiforms

Body weight is passed to the metatarsals by way of the

contains ellipsoidal arches that help distribue body weight

Compared to the hand, the foot

his foot

Tom stumbles and injures his hallux. What part of his anatomy is injured?

a complete lack of mobility of the shoulder join

Because of a developmental defect, Joe is born without clavicles. As a result of this condition, you would expect

weakness in the ligaments and tendons that attach the calcaneus to the distal ends of the metatarsal

The condition known as "flat feet" is due to a lower than normal longitudinal arch in the foot

an elderly male

Field trip with a sloping forehead and a large mandible with large teeth...

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