Early Greek History Questions

What was Greece's largest island?
What sea separates Greece from Asia Minor?
Which is Greece's easternmost city?
What is the largest area on the map that was not part of the Greek world?
Asia Minor
What form of government did social status play a role?
What form of government as practiced in Sparta?
Where was monarchy the form of governbment by 2000 B.C.E.?
Which form of government sometimes had a ruler who claimed divine right?
Which form of government was ruled by all citizens?
direct democracy
What caused the major difficulties in uniting ancient Greeks under a single government?
the geography of the region
Who was driven from Greece shortly before the golden age of Athens began?
the Persians
Why was Alexandria, Egypt, important during the Hellenistic period?
It became the foremost center of commerce and Hellenistic culture.
What separated the different regions within Greece?
Which of the following fought the Peloponnesian War?
Athens and Sparta
Which of the following did Athens and Sparta have in common?
They were both city-states.
In which forms of government was rule based at least partially on wealth?
aristocracy and oligarchy
In which forms of government did heredity play no role in the selection of rulers?
democracy and oligarchy
Which form of government does not involve rule by a group?
How did government in Athens evolve?
from an aristocracy to a democracy
Which form of government was the earliest in this (Athens) region?
What is the order in which these three peoples dominated Greece?
Mycenaeans; Dorians; Macedonians
What was an important feature of Athenian democracy under Pericles?
It increased the number of paid officials.
What was the direct cause of Athens' gradual move toward democracy?
fears of major political upheavels
Why do archaeologists think the Trojan War actually place?
An archaeologist the possible remains of ancient Troy.
In which form of government was rule sometimes justified by religon?
Why is the government during the Age of Pericles referred to as a "direct" democracy?
Citizens ruled directly; they did not elect representative
How do you know that Sparta's rulers would be hard to overthrow?
They had controll of the military.
In which city-state was power most widely shared?
Athens (461 B.C.E.)
Which of the following did Athenians do in order to transform an aristocracy into a direct democracy?
break up the power of the rich nobility
Given the meaning of polis, and considering the definition of acropolis, you can tell that the Greek combining form acro- means
In ancient Greece, a tyrant differed from other leaders in that he
had authority over the military.
Solon is known for
introducing political and economical reforms to Athens.
A phalanx was a type of
military formation
The most severe restriction on democracy in Athens under Cleisthenes concerned
which members of the society were considered citizens
All of the following were characteristics of Athens' direct democracy EXCEPT
leaders chosen by the aristocracy.