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Attentive listening

listening actively, using all the senses, as opposed to listening passively with just the ear


a two-way process involving the sending and receiving of messages

Congruent communication

the verbal and nonverbal aspects of the message match


to relate the message perceived to the receiver's storehouse of knowledge and experience and to sort out the meaning of the message


the ability to discriminate what the other person's world is like and to communicate to the other this understanding in a way that shows that the helper understands the client's feelings and the behavior and experience underlying these feelings


involves the selection of specific signs or symbols (codes) to transmit the message, such as which language and words to use, how to arrange the words, and what tone of voice and gestures to use


the response or message that the receiver returns to the sender during communication


two or more people with shared purposes and goals

Group dynamics

forces that determine the behavior of the group and the relationships among the group members

Helping relationships

referred to as the nurse-client relationship

Nonverbal communication

communication other than words, including gestures, posture and facial expressions

Personal space

the distance people prefer in interactions with others

Process recording

the verbatim (word-for-word) account of a conversation


the study of distance between people in their interactions


a concept of the space and things that individuals consider their own

Therapeutic communication

an interactive process between nurse and client that helps the client overcome temporary stress, to get along with other people, to adjust to the unalterable, and to overcome psychological blocks which stand in the way of self-realization

Verbal communication

use of verbal language to send and receive messages


a speech style similar to babytalk that gives the message of dependece and imcompetence to older adults...IT DOES NOT COMMUNICATE RESPECT

Electronic Communications

any form of electronic communication ex: email

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