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The amendments to the constitution
Amendment 1
Freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, petition
Amendment 2
Right to Bear Arms
Amendment 3
No quartering troops in private homes
Amendment 4
Prohibition of unreasonable searches and seizures
Amendment 5
Rights when accused, "due-process" clause
Amendment 6
Rights when on trial
Amendment 7
Right to trial by Jury
Amendment 8
Bail, no cruel and unusual punishments
Amendment 9
Unenumerated rights protected
Amendment 10
Powers reserved for states
Amendment 11
Limits on suits against states
Amendment 12
Revision of electoral college procedure
Amendment 13
Slavery prohibited
Amendment 14
Ex-slaves made citizens, Due process clause applied to states, "equal protection" clause
Amendment 15
Blacks given right to vote
Amendment 16
Authorizes federal income tax
Amendment 17
Requires popular election of senators
Amendment 18
Prohibits manufacture and sale of liquor
Amendment 19
Right to vote for women
Amendment 20
Emergency presidential succession
Amendment 21
Repeals Prohibition
Amendment 22
Two term limit for president
Amendment 23
Right to vote for president in District of Columbia
Amendment 24
Prohibits poll taxes in federal elections
Amendment 25
Presidential disability and succession
Amendment 26
Voting age lowered to 18
Amendment 27
Congressional pay raises