65 terms

Russian Ch 14, 15, 16

What two continents does Russia span?
Europe Asia
What mountain range creates the boundary between the two regions in Russia?
What Lake in Russia holds 1/5 of the world's freshwater?
Lake Baikal
What is permanently frozen subsoil called?
What body of water connects Moscow to the Caspian Sea?
Volga River
The Rivers in Siberia flow in what direction?
They flow north to the Arctic Ocean
What is the dominant climate region in Russia?
What area feeds much of Russia?
Black Earth Belt
What form of government is in Russia?
What area is Russia's highest point found?
What region makes up the majority of the land in Russia and about 25% of its people?
Where is the Central Siberian Plateau (Russia)?
Rugged boundary between Russian and China
What is another name for the Northern European Plain in Russia?
Russian plain
Where is the Northern European plain (Russian Plain) located?
Across western and central Europe and into Russia
What is the name of the Russian plain that is 1 million square miles and one of the world's largest flatlands and divides the northern European plan from another plain?
Western Siberian Plain
What Russian river is the world's 4th longest river?
What Russian river drains Eastward?
Amur River (border between Russia and China)
The Era between 1922 and 1991 in Russia was called the ______ era.
What was the fortress built in Russia by Ivan the Great?
St. Petersburg
What was the Cold War?
The struggle between the Soviet Union and the United States for world dominance
Russian is so large that is spans ____ continents.
The traditional boundary between European Russia and Asia Russia is marked by what?
Ural Mountains
What is energy generated by falling water?
Hydroelectric power
What is the forest belt in Russia's subarctic climate region?
What is black rich soil that supports the production of what and other crops?
What is the vast treeless plain in northern Russia called?
What are temperate grassland areas with dry summers and cold, dry winters called?
What is the highest point of the Caucasus Mts?
Mt. Elbrus (18,510 feet above sea level)
What is the largest Lake in Asia?
Lake Baikal
What is a general term for a major ethnic group?
What does Sovereignty mean?
Self rule
What is the supreme ruler of Russia called?
What is the belief that calls for greater economic equality called?
What is the belief that calls for a new society led by workers called?
If you were a member of the revolutionary groups that was led by Lenin, what were you called?
The struggle between communism and capitalism for world independence was called what?
Cold War
What was Perestroika?
Policy of economic restructuring
What was Glasnost?
Policy of greater political openness
What is the belief that there is no God called?
What is the second largest religion in Russia?
What is the religion of Tuva, Buryatia, and Kalmykia called?
What is Russification?
Organized religious persecution
What was art called that glorified Soviet Communism?
Socialist Realism
What was the Kievan Rus?
A loose union of city States organized by the Varangians
In the 600s Slavs settled near what on the North European Plains?
What did Ivan the Great build?
What is the Kremlin?
A huge fortress built by Ivan the Great, King of the Muscovites
After Ivan the Terrible expanded the Russian Territory, he made himself what?
Supreme ruler or czar
How did Peter the Great make Russia more modern?
He built ports, encouraged trade
When the Bolsheviks took control of the government in 1917, what kind of government did it change to?
The countries in the region that were controlled by the Soviet Union were called what?
What was the policy that Mikhail Gorbechev began to restructure Russia through?
Russian moved from a ______ economy to a ______ economy which brought economic hardship to Russia.
Command to a Market
When all the Soviet Republics declared independence, what happened?
The Soviet Union collapsed
What has threatened the stability of Russia?
Separatist movements
The Soviet government disapproved of religion. They promoted what?
Russian is made up of more that ______ ethnic groups
What percentage of the population lives in 2/3 of Russia's land area?
Most Russians belong to what church?
Orthodox Church
What is the second largest ethnic group in Russia?
Turkic peoples
Why is Russia's population decreasing?
Poor health care and low birth rates
The Chechens, Dagestanis, and Inguslietians was predominantly what ethnic group?
What "strangled" artistic expression in Russia?
Socialist Realism
Who is Aleksander Solzhenitsyn?
He is a writer who wrote Gular Archepelego
Since 1990, urban population in most industrialized cities in Russian has increased or decreased?