30 terms

History-chapter 5

What is a unicameral legislature?
a lawmaking body with a single house of elected representatives
Under the Articles of Confederation, who chose the federal government's Congress of delegates?
state legislatures
Under the Articles of Confederation, small states like Rhode Island wielded as much power as large states such as Virginia because...
each state had one vote in Congress
What provided a plan for governing western lands?
Northwest Ordinance of 1787
The delegates at the Constitutional Convention met to...
revise the Articles of Confederation
Which proposal most resembled the Articles of Confederation?
the New Jersey Plan
The Three-fifths compromise resulted in...
more representation in Congress for southern states
The Federalists favored ratification because they wanted...
a strong central government
States that wanted a more democratic form of government with greater representation for the common people favored...
a unicameral legislature
Most state constitutions guaranteed...
freedom of religion
What type of government did the Articles of Confederation create?
a loose confederation of strong state governments
What was a weakness of the Articles of Confederation?
Congress could not levy or collect taxes from the states
What was a tenet of the New Jersey Plan?
executive committee leads the executive branch
The U.S. constitution contains which provisions from the VA Plan?
The government is divided into three branches
In what year could the Constitution go into effect?
Which principle provides for a system in which the government derives its power from the governed?
popular sovereignty
In what way does the legislative branch check the power of the judicial branch?
confirms judges
Which political theory defines the different responsibilities for each branch of government?
separation of powers
What was accomplished at the Constitutional Convention in 1787?
the U.S. constitution was written?
What did the Federalists want the Constitution to provide?
a strong central government
Antifederalists criticized the Constitution as...
concentrating too much power in the hands of a few
Who was a prominent Federalist?
James Madison
To win support for the Constitution, Federalists promised to add...
a bill of rights
Critics of the VA plan were concerned that...
a strong President would gain king-like power
What describes federalism?
State and national governments share power
The Three-Fifths Compromise...
required all states to return fugitive slaves to their owners
Which fort in the NorthWest Territory was located farthest north?
Fort Mackinac
The Northwest Ordinance of 1787...
set up rules and procedures for territories to request admission into the U.S. as a state
Under the Articles of confederation, how many states had to agree for there to be any changes made to the Articles?
According to the Constitution, how many states were required to ratify the new constitution in order for it to take effect?