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  1. Pope
  2. Robert Fulton
  3. Nat Turner
  4. Zebulon M. Pike
  5. Lord Baltimore
  1. a Army officer sent of a mission to explore the West, he was ordered to find the headwaters or the Red River. HE attempted to climb what is now known as Pikes Peak in Colorado.
  2. b English and the first Lord Baltimore, he requested land to establish a colony for Catholics in America, but died before it was granted. His son, the second Lord Baltimore, later established a settlement in Maryland in 1632.
  3. c American Indian shaman who led a revolt of Pueblo Indians in 1680 against the Spanish in present-day New Mexico, driving out the Spanish and restoring the Pueblo way of life. The Spanish retook the area after his death, but the Pueblo culture remained a part of this region.
  4. d American engineer and inventor; he built the first commercially successful full-sized steamboat, the Clermont which led to the development of commercial steamboat ferry services for goods and people
  5. e American slave leader; he claimed that divine inspiration had led him to end the slavery system. He led the most violent slave revolt in U.S. history; he was tried, convicted, and executed.

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  1. German monk who protested against the Catholic Church in 1517; which led to the calls fro reform and the movement known as the Reformation.
  2. American statesman and member of the Continental congress and Constitutional Convention; he was an author of the Federalist Papers, which supported ratification of the Constitution. He was the first secretary of treasury under George Washington and developed the Bank of the United States.
  3. American General who fought in the Mexican-American War, leading forces that captured New Mexico and helping in the capture of California from Mexico.
  4. Thirteenth president of the U.S., oversaw the passage of the Compromise of 1850.
  5. English naval captain; he circumnavigated the globe in 1577; plundering Spanish ships sand towns as he sailed.

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  1. Little TurtleNative American leader who became head chief of the entire Sioux Nation. He encouraged other Sioux leaders to resist government demands to buy lands of the Black Hills reservations.


  2. Stand WatieAmerican educator; he is considered the father of American public education


  3. James MonroeAmerican statesman; he was a delegate toe the Constitutional Convention, the fourth president of the United States and the author of some of the Federalist Papers. He is called the "Father of the Constitution" for his proposals at the Constitutional Convention.


  4. John Wilkes BoothActor and Confederate supporter who assassinated Abraham Lincoln.


  5. Noah WebsterAmerican author who published works on American grammar and language, his most famous work was An American Dictionary of the English Language, included thousands of words that had not been previously defined in other dictionaries.