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  1. William Tecumseh Sherman
  2. Stand Watie
  3. James Oglethorpe
  4. Catherine Beecher
  5. Jonathan Edwards
  1. a American Educator and the daughter of Lyman Beecher; she promoted education for women in such writings as An essay on the Education of Female Teachers. She founded the first all-female academy.
  2. b Union army officer; his famous March to the Sea captured Atlanta, Georgia, an important turning point in the war.
  3. c English soldier and humanitarian; he founded the colony of Georgia as a haven where debtors from England could come and begin new lives.
  4. d Cherokee leader and confederate general; he was the only native American on either side to hold such a rank in the war.
  5. e Important and influential revivalist leader in the Great Awakening religious movement; he delivered dramatic sermons on the choice between salvation and damnation.

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  1. union commander in charge of Fort Sumter when it was attacked by the Confederacy..
  2. Ruler of the West African kingdom of Songhai; he was known for encouraging a revival of Muslim learning during his rule.
  3. American writer and transcendentalist philosopher; he studied nature and published a magazine article "Civil Disobedience," as well as his famous book, Walden Pond.
  4. American soldier and friend of Meriwether Lewis; he was invited to explore the Louisiana Purchase and joined what became known as the Lewis and Clark expedition.
  5. American industrialist who developed the Lowell system. He hired young women to live and work in his mill.

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  1. John Quincy AdamsLeader of the Massachusetts Bay Colony who led Puritan colonists to Massachusetts to establish an ideal Christian community; he later became the colony's first governor.


  2. John BellTenth president of the U.S.; favored annexation of TX and signed the joint resolution of Congress into law three days before his term ended.


  3. Count de RochambeauFrench General who led troops against the British army during the revolutionary war.


  4. Abigail Adamswife of John Adams, mother of John Quincy Adams, writer and American feminist, she was also the first First Lady to live in what was later known as the White House.


  5. Zachary TaylorAmerican general and twelfth president of the U.S., he led American troops during the Mexican-American war. He was the first president elected after the Mex-Am War, but died only 16 months after taking office.