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  1. Zachary Taylor
  2. James Polk
  3. George McClellan
  4. John Rolfe
  5. Thomas Jefferson
  1. a Eleventh president of the United States; he negotiated the establishment or the Oregon Territory for the U.S. and acquired much land as a result of the Mexican American War.
  2. b American statesman; he was a member of two Continental Congresses, chairman of the committee to draft the Declaration of Independence, the Declaration's main author and one of its signers, and the third president of the United States.
  3. c American general and twelfth president of the U.S., he led American troops during the Mexican-American war. He was the first president elected after the Mex-Am War, but died only 16 months after taking office.
  4. d American Army general put in charge of Union troops and later removed by Lincoln for failure to press Lee's Confederate troops in Richmond.
  5. e English colonist who was the first tobacco grower in Virginia, he helped make tobacco a profitable export to England; married Pocahontas.

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  1. American politician and pro slavery nominee for president; he debated Abraham Lincoln about slavery during the Illinois senatorial race. He proposed the unpopular Kansas-Nebraska Act, and he established the Freeport Doctrine, upholding the idea of popular sovereignty.
  2. Eigth president of the U.S.; he extended the 10-hour workday plan; initiated by Jackson; to include other groups
  3. Leader of the Massachusetts Bay Colony who led Puritan colonists to Massachusetts to establish an ideal Christian community; he later became the colony's first governor.
  4. American abolitionist and writer. He escaped slavery and became a leading African American spokesman and writer. He published an autobiography, The Narrative of the Life of Fredrick Douglass, and founded the abolitionist newspaper, The North Star.
  5. Actor and Confederate supporter who assassinated Abraham Lincoln.

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  1. Jonathan EdwardsAlgonquian princess; she waved the life of John Smith when he was captured and sentenced to death by the Powhatan. She was later taken prisoner by the English, converted to Christianity, and married colonist John Rolfe.


  2. William Lloyd GarrisonAmerican politician; he served as the governor of Indian Territory and fought Tecumseh in the Battle of Tippecanoe. He was the ninth president of the United States.


  3. TecumsehShawnee chief who attempted to form an Indian confederation to resist white settlement in the Northwest Territory.


  4. John C. BreckinridgeAmerican politician; he se4rved as vice president under President James Buchanan and ran for president as a Southern Democrat in 1860.


  5. William BradfordAmerican soldier and friend of Meriwether Lewis; he was invited to explore the Louisiana Purchase and joined what became known as the Lewis and Clark expedition.