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This is where I'm putting notecards for the units that aren't already on here; the others can be found under my "religion" tags.


The Bible is inspired, which means that, though the writers were influenced by the Holy Spirit/God/Jesus, they wrote what they wanted to be said, not what someone told them to write


One who spreads the Word of God


Biblical letter found in the New Testament


Any non-Jewish person

Infancy narratives

Gospel stories about the birth of Jesus; found in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke


Word meaning "good news"; writing describing Jesus' life, death, and resurrection


Word meaning "covenant"; Old one = God's old promises, while the New one = God's new promise in which humanity is saved from its sins


List of books that make up the Scripture


Sign of God's new covenant

Synoptic Gospels

Gospels that include many of the same stories; include the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke


Essentially a family tree; something showing who your ancestors were


"Yahweh saves"; son of God and Mary; believed by Christians to be the Messiah


Critical examination of a text; used by our class when we read the Bible


"To make flesh"; Jesus is this version (for lack of better word) of God


From/of/relating to God


The point of view taken on when reading or hearing about something


Type of religious truth that focuses on who God is


Type of religious truth that focuses on how we, as humans, should live our lives

Human nature

Type of religious truth that focuses on who we, as humans, are

Historical truth

Objective facts of historical events without further interpretation

Religious truth

Deeper meaning of what God intends to reveal to people through historical truth


One of four Gospel writers; his main theme was that Jesus was the Messiah


One of four Gospel writers; his main theme was that Jesus was human as well as divine (Put an emphasis on Jesus' trials and suffering)


One of four Gospel writers; his main theme was that God's salvation is not just for Jews, but for all of humanity


One of four Gospel writers; his main theme was that Jesus was the divine son of God

Historical-critical method

Method our class uses to study the Bible; in order to find the deeper meaning of the Biblical text, we must also have knowledge of the history and culture during the time and place of events

Oral tradition

Stories passed from generation to generation without being written down; limits the reliability of the Bible due to the stories being changed over time

Church tradition

We all know that one source of religious truth for Catholics is the Scriptures, but can you say the other source?

Explains; fulfills

The Old Testament ______ the New Testament, and the New Testament ______ the Old Testament


Northernmost region of Israel; where Jesus spent most of his life


Town where Jesus grew up


Town near the Sea of Galilee that became Jesus' "home base" when he was older

Jordan River

River where Jesus was baptized


Jewish day of rest; traditionally on Saturday; no one was allowed to work on it


City where the Temple was located, and where Jesus died and was resurrected


Town where Jesus turned water into wine, which was his first miracle


Town where Jesus was born

Sea of Galilee

Essentially where all water-related miracles took place


Jewish holy day; commemorated the day when the Jews were freed from slavery by the Egyptians

Herod the Great

Ruled from 37 BC - 4 BC; massacred innocents in an attempt to kill Jesus (Whom the Magi had called "King of the Jews")

Herod Archelaus

Ruled Samaria and Judea from 4 BC - AD 6; apparently the reason Jesus did not grow up in Bethlehem

Herod Antipas

Ruled in Galilee from 4 BC - AD 39; had a significant role in the execution of John the Baptist and a smaller role in Jesus' crucifixion

Herod Philip

Ruled from 4 BC - AD 34; not very significant in the Bible

Spirit of the Law

The meaning/reasoning behind laws; what God wants us to focus primarily on

Letter of the Law

The exact word-for-word meaning of laws; what the Pharisees focused primarily on


Works of wonder or extraordinary occurrences showing God's intervention in the world; meant to deepen faith and understanding of the Kingdom of God, not force it (Faith was always present before one was performed)


One part of canonization; when people earn the title of "Blessed," ie Blessed Mother Theresa


Process of confirming someone to be a saint, which means that the Church can recognize that this person is definitely in heaven

Messianic Secret

Jesus' secret that he is the Messiah who was sent from heaven to save us from our sins

Pronouncement stories

One of the five teaching methods Jesus used; included the main messages Jesus wanted to teach; often had a "punch line"


One of the five teaching methods Jesus used; short, thought-provoking statements; "words to the wise"

Instructions for followers

One of the five teaching methods Jesus used; guidelines for living out the Kingdom of God


One of the five teaching methods Jesus used; comparison stories and sayings used to explain the Kingdom of God


One of the five teaching methods Jesus used; miraculous works that were meant to convey a religious truth

Healing miracle

One of the four types of miracles Jesus performed; commitment to the poor and outcast; offering forgiveness of sins


One of the four types of miracles Jesus performed; exercise control over evil; offering freedom from evil

Restoration of life

One of the four types of miracles Jesus performed; offering freedom from the ultimate effect of sin (death)

Natural miracle

One of the four types of miracles Jesus performed; showing concern for all of humanity and love of all creation

If our sins are forgiven, we can join the Kingdom of God

Why would Jesus say forgiving sins is more of a miracle than a physical healing?


Soldier-like person; said Jesus was truly the son of God after the veil in the Temple tore upon Jesus' death

Suffering Servant

Isaiah's image of the Messiah; someone who will unjustly suffer to save us from our sins; what most believe Jesus is the fulfillment of


Jesus physically rising from Earth to heaven; happened 40 days after the resurrection

Mary Magdalene

Someone who was very close to Jesus; first one to see Jesus resurrected

Blessed are those who believe without seeing

What religious truth can be found in the story of Doubting Thomas?

He appeared to believers, who at first didn't recognize him, and then got excited when they did

What are the major themes of the post-Resurrection sightings of Jesus?

He takes away the effects of sin

What might be clearer to say than "Jesus died for our sins"?


Christian holiday commemorating the Holy Spirit coming upon the Apostles; known by many today as the "birthday of the Church"

Seven gifts of the Holy Spirit

Freely given by Jesus through the Holy Spirit as help so that we may keep the new covenant


Spreading the Good News


Assistants who divided society's possessions in such a way that everyone got what they needed

Letter to the Hebrews

Less of an epistle and more of an extended sermon or speech; audience was early Christians who were likely to fall out of faith; meant to reassure them

Apocalyptic literature

Bible stories about revelation, which is God being revealed to people; written in code so that the Romans wouldn't understand

Holy Spirit

Third form of the trinity; some images of it are fire and a very strong wind

12 fruits of the Holy Spirit

What we freely receive when we use the Gifts of the Hoy Spirit


12th Apostle who replaced Judas Iscariot after he killed himself

Catholic Epistles

Epistles that teach conduct to believers, warn against false teachers, and offer encouragement in the light of suffering; written for believing Christians; written by James the Lesser, John the Apostle, Judas Thaddeus, and Peter Simon


Word meaning "revelation"

He will come again

What does Jesus promise during the ascension?

The Holy Spirit

What is Acts of the Apostles mainly about?

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