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year of the black death


start/end years of the Hundred Years' War


year in which the Ottomans captured Constantinople and the Hundred Years' War ended


year in which Columbus sailed the ocean blue


year in which Martin Luther published his 95 Theses


year in which tropps of Charles V sacked rome


year in which Charles I was executed and Oliver Cromwell took power


year of the Glorious Revolution


year the English Civil War started


year of the American Revolution; year Adam Smith published his "Wealth of Nations"


start/end years of the French Revolution


start/end years of the Napoleonic era


year of European revolutions; year in with Marx and Engels published the COmmunist Manifesto

July 14, 1789

date of the storming of the Bastille

August 4, 1789

date on which the National Assembly abolished Feudalism

9 Thermidor

(1794) date of the start of the Thermidorian reaction, the response to the excesses of the reign of terror (FRC)

13 Vendemiaire

(1795) date on which Napoleon suppressed a royalist revolt with artillery (FRC)

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