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  1. Akueke
  2. Mbanta
  3. Ibo
  4. Okolo
  5. ilo
  1. a Obierika's daughter, marries her suitor Ibe
  2. b Okonkwo's motherland
  3. c First ancester of Okonkwo and Uchendu's family
  4. d Name of Okonkwo's tribal people
  5. e village courtyard

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  1. Pleads his case to the egwugwu to try and get his wife Mgbafo back
  2. rare occurence, come once a year for sever years then go away for another lifetime, = whites
  3. king of all crops
  4. most important number in the Ibo tribe
  5. one of titles Okonkwo wants for Nwoye

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  1. ChikaPriestess of Agbala when Okonkwo was a sharecropper


  2. ndichieOldest men in Ire village, husband of Ozoemena


  3. Akunnapieces of wood, Umuofian idols


  4. OkikaGreat man and orator of Umuofia who talks first at the meeting about the white men


  5. OkoliUnoka's friend, good musician