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  1. Nwoye
  2. Ikemefuna
  3. Violation of Week of Peace
  4. Uchendu
  5. Reverend Smith
  1. a Okonwo's first wife's son, converts to Christianity after being captured by the "poetry" of the religion, renamed Isaac
  2. b Replaces Mr. Brown, strict and uncompromising, stereotypical white colonialist
  3. c Okonkwo's uncle who receives him into Mbanta
  4. d Given to Umuofia by Mbaino, Okonkwo takes care of him, establishes a strong relationship with Nwoye, Oracle says he must die and Okonkwo slashes him down
  5. e Okonkwo beats Ojiugo for her "negligence"

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  1. Okonkwo's third wife
  2. Notorious for late cooking
  3. shells, act as currency of Ibo
  4. Wealthy man, gives Okonkwo 800 yam seeds
  5. Great man of Umuofia who gives his son to be taught in Mr. Brown's school, discusses Umuofian religion with Mr. Brown

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  1. Mr. KiagaIbo missionary who was converted and controls church in Mbanta


  2. OzoemenaNdulue's wife, dies with him because they are "one"


  3. AmadiPriestess of Ani, informs Okonkwo of the punishment he must fulfill for his violation of the Week of Peace


  4. MgbafoUzowulu's wife


  5. MbantaOkonkwo's motherland