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  1. Ekwefi
  2. iba
  3. Ezeani
  4. Ifejioku
  5. Ogbuefi Ezeudu
  1. a Okonkwo's second wife, Ezinma's mother
  2. b God of yams
  3. c fever
  4. d Priestess of Ani, informs Okonkwo of the punishment he must fulfill for his violation of the Week of Peace
  5. e Oldest man in Umuofia, tells news from the Oracle about Ikemefuna, suddenly dies, had three of the four titles, well respected, large funeral

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  1. personal god
  2. Obierika's father, friend of Uchendu
  3. rare occurence, come once a year for sever years then go away for another lifetime, = whites
  4. Uchendu's youngest son, get's married, sees Nwoye with Christians
  5. Okonkwo's friend, sells Okonkwo's yams when he is gone, Maduka's father

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  1. Obuefi EzuegoPowerful orator in Umuofia


  2. Ogbuefi UdoRespected man of Umuofia with two titles who joins Church


  3. obione of titles Okonkwo wants for Nwoye


  4. OkonkwoFirst ancester of Okonkwo and Uchendu's family


  5. OkudoKills the sacred python, later dies mysteriously