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  1. Ukegbu
  2. Enoch
  3. seven
  4. Iguedo
  5. usu
  1. a outcast
  2. b Fanatical Christian convert, rips off the mask of an egwugwu, father is priest of the snake cult, Umuofia burns his house
  3. c Ibe's father
  4. d Okonkwo's specific village, one of the nine Umuofian villages
  5. e most important number in the Ibo tribe

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  1. Respected man of Umuofia with two titles who joins Church
  2. Goddess of the Oracle of the Hills and the Caves, also means woman or man without a title
  3. Village who kills the first white man they see, later destroyed by whites
  4. Priestess of Agbala when Okonkwo was a sharecropper
  5. Ekwefi's daughter, an ogbanje, or a child who repeatedly dies and reenters the womb to be rebord, Okonkwo's favorite child, called "Salt" by Obiageli whom she has lots of influence over, "Crystal of Beauty"

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  1. ObierikaOkonkwo's friend, sells Okonkwo's yams when he is gone, Maduka's father


  2. IkemefunaGiven to Umuofia by Mbaino, Okonkwo takes care of him, establishes a strong relationship with Nwoye, Oracle says he must die and Okonkwo slashes him down


  3. Joseph ConradAuthor of Heart of Darkness which inspires Chinua Achebe to write Thing's Fall Apart


  4. NdulueOldest men in Ire village, husband of Ozoemena


  5. UmuachiFarthest village in Umuofia, Chielo visits it on her midnight walk with Ezinma