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  1. Onyeka
  2. Amadi
  3. Maduka
  4. ndichie
  5. locusts
  1. a Obierika's son, wins wrestling match
  2. b Famous leper with "white" skin
  3. c rare occurence, come once a year for sever years then go away for another lifetime, = whites
  4. d elders
  5. e Introduces Okika and rallies the Umuofians

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  1. Okonkwo's friend, sells Okonkwo's yams when he is gone, Maduka's father
  2. Ibe's father
  3. fever
  4. Uchendu's youngest son, get's married, sees Nwoye with Christians
  5. Name of Okonkwo's tribal people

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  1. OdukweOldest men in Ire village, husband of Ozoemena


  2. AkuekeGreat man of Umuofia who gives his son to be taught in Mr. Brown's school, discusses Umuofian religion with Mr. Brown


  3. yamking of all crops


  4. Ogbuefi UgonnaWife is killed by Mbaino, receives a virgin from Mbaino as his new wife


  5. UnokaOkonkwo's lazy, gentle, and idle father, debtor, good flute player, scared of blood, failure