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  1. Joseph Conrad
  2. egwugwu
  3. Ifejioku
  4. chi
  5. Mr. Kiaga
  1. a Ibo missionary who was converted and controls church in Mbanta
  2. b God of yams
  3. c personal god
  4. d Author of Heart of Darkness which inspires Chinua Achebe to write Thing's Fall Apart
  5. e impersonate ancestral spirits, elders of the village

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  1. Introduces Okika and rallies the Umuofians
  2. Obierika's daughter, marries her suitor Ibe
  3. Obierika's son, wins wrestling match
  4. Ibe's father
  5. worthless man

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  1. NdulueMgbafo's sister who says Uzowulu beat her severely


  2. EnochFanatical Christian convert, rips off the mask of an egwugwu, father is priest of the snake cult, Umuofia burns his house


  3. OkonkwoProtagonist, well respected man in Umuofia, 3 wives, 2 barns full of yams, banished after he accidentally kills Ogbuefi Ezeudu's son, hangs himself and he kills messenger, "Roaring Flame",


  4. AmikwuUmuofia's God


  5. EgonwanneEkwefi's daughter, an ogbanje, or a child who repeatedly dies and reenters the womb to be rebord, Okonkwo's favorite child, called "Salt" by Obiageli whom she has lots of influence over, "Crystal of Beauty"


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