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electric current

flow of electricity from one place to another ; this allows all of us to use all of our electric gadgets and household products


a path which the electric current flows through and only does so when this is complete. So any break in this, the electricity flow will stop.

electric source

It can be a dry cell, wet cell, a generator, etc. This provides electrical energy of the circuit.

components electric circuit

made up of source, the connecting wires, the load or appliance, and the switch

connecting wires

a component in an electric circuit to which electric current flows from the source to the appliance and back


a component in an electric circuit which uses the electricity


a component in an electric circuit which opens and closes the circuit.

closed circuit

a circuit that allows electric current to flow through all the components since all the components are properly connected; this is a complete circuit

open circuit

a circuit where all the components are not properly connected causing the electricity flow to stop; this is a broken circuit

series circuit

one of the two kinds of circuits; this is so when electric current passes from the source to the connecting wires, to all the bulbs, and back to the source. Electricity flows from the negative (terminal) pole only in one path.

This kind of circuit can cause problems because no appliance or electric light can be switched off without turning off the other appliance or lights.

parallel circuit

one of the two kinds of circuits; this is so when electric current travel through more than one path. When there is a break in the circuit, electricity can still flow to the other appliance or light.

Most of the lights in residential homes are connected in this circuit. This kind of circuit is more practical and convenient to use.

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