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Health Triangle

1) physical
2) mental
3) social


how you feel about yourself; confidence

people with high self-esteem ...

1) confident
2) resilient
3) unique
4) risk takers
5) are themselves

Rudy video


physical health

1) how well your body functions
2) adequate sleep & rest, nutritious meals, lots of water, physically active

mental health

1) how you meet demands of daily life
2) like learning new things, mistakes are opportunities to grow, in touch with feelings

social health

1) how you get along with others
2) work & play with others, seek & lend support


1) traits biologically passed on to you from your parents
2) ex: hair color, height, disease


1) sum of your surroundings
2) ex: school, family, neighborhood


1) people of same age who share similar interests
2) ex: classmates


1) collective beliefs, customs & behaviors of a group
2) ex: foods, language, religion


1) way you view situations
2) plays major role in health & wellness


acts and thoughts of an individual


1) methods of communicating information
2) ex: radio, tv, newspapers, books, magazines

high self esteem

1) believes strongly in certain principles
2) fewer health problems
3) feels equal to others
4) resists peers who try to dominate or sway him
5) sensitive to needs of others

low self esteem

1) overly sensitive to criticism, afraid to make mistakes
2) overly critical of self & others
3) blames others
4) fear of competition
5) jealous or possessive

choice theory

1) belief that we control how we feel
2) developed by Dr. William Glasser

5 basic needs

1) Survival (food, clothing, shelter)
2) Love (belonging)
3) Freedom (choices)
4) Fun
5) Power (important-we have an impact)

5 basic needs met


5 basic needs unmet


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