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the shape of the land its elevation relief and landforms


the height above sea level from a point on land


the diffrence in elevation between the hightest and lowest parts


one peice topography ex.a mountin


a landform made up of of flat or gently rolling land


a landform with high elevation and high relief


a landform that has high elevation and a flat level top

metamorphic rock

metemorpic forms when an exciting rock is changed by heat pressure or chemical reactions

contour lines

a line on topography map that connects point of equal elevation

topography maps

a map that shows the surface features of an area


the study of the earths geo means earth


foundin rocks ex quartz feldspar mica


geoglists classify rocks in three groups igneous metamorphic sedimentary

rock cycle

the processof rocks channging from one type another


forms from cooling of molten rock


forms when particles of other rocks or the remains of plants and animals are pressed and cedemented togther

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