Drivers Ed Test Review (TX)

25 years old
what is the minimumage at which you get a Class C driver's license without either drivers' education or being a hardship case
how much is the maximum fine for a first conviction of driving without a license
A- corrective lenses, B- LOFS over 21, K- moped
what type of restrictions may be placed on your license
to the right
in what direction should you turn your wheels when parking uphill without a curb
renew it without the reminder card
what action should you take if you fail to receive the renewal notice card reminding you that your driver's license is about to expire
one a one-way street, what color is the broken lane maker
brakes, lights, wipers, horn, exhaust system, safety glass, license plateS, rear view mirrors, front seat belts and tires
list the equipment required on passenger cars by state law
how often must vehicles registered in TX be inspected
removes air pollution, 1968
what is the purpose of the exhaust emission system and when was this first required
red flashing light, bell siren, whistle, no object more than 3 in to the left or 6in to the right of the vehicle
list three types of equipment , which texas state law specifically forbids on passenger cars driven within the state
do what the officer ask you to do
how should you react when a traffic officer tells you to do something, which is ordinarily considered to be against the law
when the red lights are flahsing or stop sign is out
when is it necessary to stop before proceeding when you overtake a school bus loading or unloading children
233 ft
once the brakes have been applied, about how many feet does a car, which was going 70 mph travel before it comes to a stop.
229 ft
under favorable circumstances, including reaction time, a motor vehicle with good brakes going 50 mph can be stopped within how many ft
20 ft
within how many ft of a crosswalk may you park, when parking near a corner
30 mph
what is the state speed limit for automobiles in urban districts
A: inclement weather, B: low visibility, C: heavy traffic, D: driver, E: night time
under what conditions may you not drive 55 even though that may be the posted speed limit
100 ft
you should never drive on the left half of the roadway (pass another car) when you are within (blank) ft of an intersection, bridge or railroad crossing
drive on ahead until you can get into the proper lane, then turn at another intersection
what should you do if you discover you are in the wrong lane to make a turn as you enter an intersection.
2 lane road will yield
when two cars meet at the intersectionof a two-lane road with a four-lane road, which one must yield right away
yield to the emergency vehicle
when you hear a siren coming, what should you do
take your foot off the accelarator and STEER IN THE DIRECTION OF THE SKID
what is the first thing that should be done when a car starts to skid
half an hour after sunset to half an hour before sunrise
at what time of the day should your headlights be turned on
habitual reckless driving
under what conditions may your driver's license be suspended
possesing a false license
a person's driver's license will be automatically suspended if convicted of (blank)
poisonous deadly gas, that can kill you
what is carbon monoxide and how may it be harmful to drivers
hold the steering wheel firmly, take your foot off the gas, and brake carefully
describe what you should do if you have a tire blowout while driving.
try to find the owner or leave a signed statement on the car winshield
what should you do if you damage an an unattended vehicle
shift to low gear
what should you do when driving down a steep grade in a car with a standard transmission
injury, death or more than $1,000 of damage
accident reports are required in the event of (blank)
2 years
if you are required to show proof of financial responsibility for the future, how many years much such proof be kept up?
low gear
in which gear should you drive when going down a steep hill in an automatic transmission,
21 years old, 1year of driving experience, be infront seat beside the driver
what qualifications must a person have to teach a beginner to drive
18th birthday
if a person is under 18, when does his provisional license expire?
18 inches and no less than 6in
when parked parallel, your curbside wheels must be no more than (blank) from the curb
2 seconds
when following another car, what is a good rule to determine the distance at which you should follow behind.
stop and look before you go ahead
how should you react to a flashing red light?
stop and wait until the bus has started or you are as signaled by the driver to go
when meeting a school bus which has stopped to pick up or discharge children, you must do what?
no passing
what does a solid yellow line on your side of the center strip mean?
look both ways as you go ahead carefully
when approaching a green traffic light what should you do?
stay in line and wait until the car ahead goes
when a vehicle ahead of you stops to let a pedestrian pass in front of it you should do?
waiting until you can see the front of the passed vehicle in the rearview mirror
when passing another vehicle on a two lane road, you can best judge when it is safe to drive back into the right hand lane by
weather, traffic, road, car, and driver
when choosing your driving speed the most important things to consider are the condition of the???
1,000 ft
headlights should be used when you cannot see clearly for (blank) ft ahead of you
DPS, 30 days in state, 90 days for out of state
to what agency and within what time period must a change of address be reported for driver licensing purposes
adversely affects a drivers concentration, judgement and perception
how does the use of marijuana affect your driving
stimulant gives you false sence of alertness
how does the use of amphetamines affect your driving
what is the most commonly used depressant drug
$100-$200 , jail 72 hours-180 days, license suspended 90-180 days
what is the penalty for the first conviction of driving while intoxicated
180 day license suspension
if you are under 21, what is the penalty for the first time refusal to take a breath test?
3 in
the max number of inches that you may lawfully allow an object to extend beyond the left fender of you car is (blank)
stop signs, stop lights, police officer asks you
under what conditions must you always stop
yield to pedestrians and vehicles
what should you do when coming onto a street from a private alley or driveway
15 ft
how close to fire hydrant may a vehicle lawfully park?
ideal conditions
a posted speed limit of 55 means that you may drive 55 mph under (blank)
no passing zones, curves, hills
you should never attempt to pass
if you must leave the pavement
passing to the right is not permitted .......
turn when the way is clear
when a driver is waiting to make a left turn , what is the procedure he should take when the light turns green
approach the intersection, preparing to yield
what precautions should a driver take at a uncontrolled intersections?
all traffic laws and special bycicle laws
bicycle riders must ovbserve what regulations
500 ft
you should dim your lights when you are within (blank) ft of an approaching car
parking lights
when you are parked on the highway at night you should use your (blank) lights
low headlights
when you are driving in a fog you should use your .......
any time you drive
when are you required to show proof of financial responsibility
liability insurance, release from liability
when needed, how may you show proof of financial reponsibility
2 tail lights, emission system, seatbelts, and turn signals
in addition to mufflers, what new equipment is required on all cars manufactured in 1968 or after???
in a passenger car or truck under 1500 pounds, who must use safety belts
8 unless over 4ft 9in tall
child passenger safety seats are required for all children under the age of......
look behind you
what is the most important thing in backing a motor vehicle
expecting things to go wrong and compensating for others
what is meant by defensive driving
Class A: at least 25 or 17-24 with drivers ed same with class B and Class C: 16-24 with drivers ed
what are the age requirements for the following classes of license
flashing yellow light
slowdown and proceed with caution
both the parent and the minor
when a parent signs the application of a minor for a drivers license, who assumes the responsibility for the driver?
yield the right of way to avoid injuring the pedestrian
what should you do when a pedestrian walks out into the stree in violation of the law??
any moving violation in which you are convicted, not including expired inspection and for registration
as a driver, what traffic violations become a part of your permanent record in austin?
30 points
when you take a driving test, you would not qualify if you have more than (blank) points deducted from your score
carefully help the injured person first, then send for help
what should you do if you have an accident in which someone is injured
the center lane of an expressway should be used by (blank) traffic
2 hours or every 100 miles
when making a long trip, you should stop and rest about every...........
pedestrians using white canes are usually......
slow down to avoid looking directly into the approaching vehicle lights
if you are blinded by an approaching motor vehicle at night its best to.......
driving too fast on poor conditions
vehicles skids are most likely to be caused by.....................
slow down and be sure to get control of the vehicle before attempting to return to the road
what should you do if you run off the pavement
left side so you can watch approaching vehicles
if you must walk on the highway, which side whould you walk on and why???
ask doctor if it is safe to drive on the medication
when taking medicine prescribed for you by a doctor, you should.............
70 mph
what is the speed limit on TX rural interstate highways.
driving under the influence of alcohol by a minor
even if you are not intoxicated and you are under the age of 21 and have any detectable amount of alcohol in you system while operating a motor vehicle you may be chared with.......