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expressing our opinion


we are certain it will happen


We put our trust into something/someone

Natural Faith

faith in everyday experience of the Natural world

Religious Faith

the basis for our relationship with God

what the church does with our faith

bears, nourishes and sustains

what we recieve through the church

faith and new life in Christ through baptism

what faith offers you

eternal life


a gift from god


the power of the human is to think things out


never grasp anything right away or completely


faith as an idividuals but with other people


God does not force us to believe against our will


we give witness to our faith

5 characteristics of faith

1. Resonible
2. Certain
3. Communial
4. Free
5. Professed

a lifelong chalenge

after you have finished confermation it does not mean that we are done with faith it has to happen over our lives


people who deny the existince of God.


people who don't know weither or not to believe in God.

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