43 terms

APES ch. 5 & 15

Features of weather include all of the following except
ozone concentration
Climate is the general pattern of weather over a period of
The two most important factors in climate are
temperature and precipitation
Climate is influenced by
All of these answers
The term greenhouse effect
describes the trapping of heat energy in the troposphere by certain gaseous molecules
The rain shadow effect refers to
drier conditions on the leeward side of mountain ranges
Microclimates are least likely to be produced by
flat plains
Which of the following microclimate effects is incorrectly described?
Cities tend to have lower temperatures and higher wind speeds than the surrounding countryside
The most important factor in determining which biome is found in a particular area is
Large ecological regions with characteristic types of natural, undisturbed ecological communities are called
Generally, the limiting factor that controls the vegetative character of a biome is
Climate and vegetation vary with
latitude and altitude
Which of the following are examples of deciduous plants?
maples and oaks
Which of the following are examples of evergreen plants?
pines and cedars
Succulent plants are most likely to be found in
Nights in deserts are cold because
there is a poor insulating effect from the desert's dry air
Humans impact the world's forests by
All of the above
The majority of earthquakes and volcanoes occur
along the edge of continents
The theory of plate tectonics explains
All of these answers
Tectonic plates move apart in opposite directions at a(an)
divergent plate boundary
Tectonic plates move in opposite but parallel directions along a fault at a(an)
transform fault
Which of the following is not a characteristic of a mineral?
Lava is an example of ____ rock.
The change of rocks from one type to another is known as
the rock cycle
Which of the following rocks is most likely to be formed from compacted shells and skeletons?
Which of the following rocks is most likely to be formed from compacted plant remains?
Lignite and bituminous coal are ____ rocks
Slate, anthracite, and marble are ____ rocks
Which of the following terms includes the others?
mineral resources
Extracting, processing, and using mineral resources
All of these answers
Mining can cause
All of these answers
Acid mine drainage
may contaminate groundwater
Waste soil and rock removed during surface mining is called
The fraction of the ore containing waste minerals is called the
When ore undergoes processing, a waste called ____ is produced
Environmental impact would be greatest mining for ____ ore
a low-grade
Nodules of ____ are found on the floor of the deep ocean
One reason manganese-rich nodules are an attractive resource is that
they contain several other important minerals
When a resource has been economically depleted, we can
All of these answers
Depletion time is the time it takes to use up about ____% of the mineral reserves at a given rate.
A depletion curve is typically used to
project the depletion time for a resource
High-strength plastics and composite materials strengthened by carbon and glass fibers are advantageous because they are
All of these answers
Recycling aluminum beverage cans and scrap aluminum produces ____% less energy than mining and processing aluminum ore