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hey guys!! just wanted 2 share some of my friends on Quizlet. If I forgot you, just tell me in the chat box and I'll add you in. Thanks for being such great friends.

quick note...

Hey guys!! If you look through and I didn't put you in, just tell me in the chat box and I'll add you. Thanks! (and i didn't list these in any certain order, if you were wondering)


The AWESOME gal who sadly cannot be on Quizlet for a while. I'm waiting and waiting until she can get back on.


1 of my real life friends and quizlet friends. like me, she loves the series Left Behind!! Our moms are BFFs, and we're BFFs!!


the amazing (and i mean AMAZING) author who is a great fellow Christian.


the girl i love chatting with and has a great sense on humor! (i believe she's a spy...ask her)


My friend from school who loves wombats. (imagine that! :o )


one of my BFFs who was my very first Quizlet friend. Ever.


My #1 best friend who goes to my church. Luv ya!


lulu's bff and my friend 2!


the VERY VERY FUNNY girl who's got a great personality!


kenny is an awesome, fun, caring friend who I hope one day will come to Christ.


haha love him! ( a friend) Sry i forgot you at first I didn't know you then! Anyways, he's funny and fun 2 talk 2!


At first I thought she was a stalker...haha but now I like talking 2 her. She's so cool!


Her account is no longer activated, but when it was she was a great friend and great writer. Luv ya!


um...well...I wouldn't exactly call her a FRIEND...more like um...a person I know. She frankly does NOT like me at all, but I'm hoping one day she'll stop what she's doing and turn to Jesus.


tell me if i forgot you!

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