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thermal equalibrium

when two or more objects are at the same temperature and no more heat will flow

heat transfer

the flow of thermal energy from higher temperature to lower temperature

melting point

when a substance is hot enough to go from a liquid to a gas

absolute zero

lowest possible temperature


device for measuring temperature


freezes at 0 and boils at 100


freezes at 32 and boils at 212

hetrogenious mixture

not the same through out

Homogenious mixture

looks the same throughout


transfer of heat by the motion of matter such as air or water

thermal radiation

electromagnetic waves produced by objects because of thier temperature


transfer of heat by direct contact

specific heat

amount of heat needed to raise the temp of 1 kg by 1C


thermal energy that can move

thermal energy

energy due to energy


measures the energy of molecules due to motion


combination of elements that can be separated by physical means


a group of two or more different elements chemically joined


smallest particle of an element


cannot be broken by physical or chemical means

pure substance

matter that cannot be separated into other types of matter


substance that contains two or more different elements chemically joined

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