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Critical Care Exam 1 - Cardiac Drugs

what are two common s/e of beta blockers?
fatigue, weakness
what are two things that happen when taking beta blockers?
decreased pulse, bradycardia
what do beta I drugs effect?
what do beta II drugs not effect?
what do antihypertensive meds do?
dilate arteries and veins
list 2 things atropine does?
dilates pupils, increases HR
how do you tell if atropine is working?
use the pts responsiveness
2 things that dopamine does?
increases b/p and pulse
what should you give for a patient who has sinus tach and has a fever?
what should you do when administering dopamine and the patient develops sinus tach?
stop the dopamine
what is lidocaine and amiodarone used for?
trt PVCs and vtac
what does pulseless vtac require immediately?
defib, epi, CPR
what is chronic vtac treated with?
what is the immediate treatment for vfib?
defib immediately; use epi and antidrysrhymics then repeat defib
what is thought to be the most sensitive site for observation of central cyanosis?
what does heparin do?
prevent further clot formation
what does dobutamine do?
increases contractility
when is dopamine used?
when the pt is hypotensive
when can calcium channel blocks be used?
when beta blockers are contraindicated
how soon do you want to give fibrinolytic therapy to a pt arriving in the ER with an acute MI?
30 min
what should you assess for when giving a pt fibrinolytics?
reperfusion dysrhythmias, bleeding, onset of hypotension
what is used for pain in an acute MI?
what is an important thing morphine does for pts with acute MIs?
dilates bronchioles
what does nitroglycerin drip do?
decreases preload and afterload (decreases pain and b/p)
what are two thing lidocaine can treat?
vtac and PVCs
what do dobutamine, epi, and isoproterenol do?
increase cardiac contractility and cardiac output
what is nitroprusside?
a vasodilator
what are two drugs used to treat pericarditis?
NSAIDs or tylenol
side effects of lidocaine?
widening QRS, confusion
side effects of amiodarone?
pulmonary edema (ARDS), brady arrhythmias
side effects of nitro drip?
hypotension, h/a
side effects of beta blockers?
hypotension, bradycardia
what type of pts is Dig given to?
pts with HF
what does Dig do?
increases contractility of heart, decreases HR; requires the myocardium to use more O2
which medication is most effective in failure associated with low cardiac output caused by ischemic, rheumatic, hypertensive or congenital heart disease?
what is dopamine used to trt?
severe low outpute heart failure
What does dopamine in low doses do?
causes vasodilation in the renal, mesenteric, cerebral and coronary vascular beds, primarily resulting in increased renal blood flow, glomerular filtration rate, and sodium excretion
what does dopamine do in moderate doses?
causes increase in HR, stroke volume, and cardiac output
what does dopamine do at rates above 8 mics?
causes intense vasoconstriction
what can diuretics produce?
hypovolemia and hypotension
what does nitroprusside do?
dilates both veins and arteries
what type of drugs are used for cardiac tamponade?
beta-adrenergic blocking agent such as propranolol; ca channel blockers
what drugs are used to improve cardiac contractility in heart surgery?
treat with drugs such as epinephrine, dobutamine, milrine,dopamine