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1;The simple columnar epithelial membrane abutting the lumen of the alimentary canal is the


The layer of the alimentary canal associated with moderately dense CT, blood, and lymphatic vessels is the


The Section connecting the throat and the stomach; has no digestive or absorptive functions


Located in the left upper quadrant; initiates protein digestion


A common passageway for food, fluid and air


Food is ingested here; initiation of both physical and chemical digestion

Oral Cavity

Last section of the alimentary tract; water is absorbed and feces are formed

Large Intestine

A convoluted tube extending from the pyloric sphincter to the ileocecal valve; nutrient digestion and absorption occur here

Small Intestines

Secretion of fluid and digestive enzymes into the oral cavity

Salivary Grlands

Lymphoid tissue found in the oral cavity; part of the body's defense system


Secretion of digestive enzymes into the small intestines


Located in the right upper quadrant; emulsification of fat


A notable histological feature of the small intestine is the presence of


In the duodenal mucosa, invaginated areas that produce intestinal juice are called

Intestinal crypts

Mucus is produced and secreted by what cells in the large intestines

Goblet Cells

In the human there are _________deciduous teeth and ________permanent teeth

20 and 32

The two major regions of the tooth are ______________ and ________________

Crown and Root

The region of the tooth CT tissue that contains blood vessels, nerves, and lymphatic tissue is called the

Pulp Cavity

Salivary glands are considered exocrine glands because of the presence of numerous________

Duct Systems

In the salivary gland tissue, half-moon-shaped cells that secrete the clear, enzyme-containing fluid are known as____________________

Serous Demilunes

Blood-filled spaces in the liver that drain into the central vein are called


Specialized phagocytic cells in the liver are called

Hepatic Macrophages (Kupffer Cells)

The overall function of the digestive system is to

Break down ingested food and provide the body with nutrients, water, and electrolytes

The digestive system of a hollow tube is called the

Alimentary Canal

The pancreas is an example of an accessory digestive organ


Digestion involves to processes, the physical and chemical breakdown of food. Teeth play an important role in the ___________________breakdown and enzymes play an important role in the ____________breakdown of food


Similar to the cardiovascular system, the digestive tract is a closed, circular system


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