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hepatic artery

brings oxygenated blood to the liver

digestive system

blood that enters the liver through the hepatic portal vein is from the


synthesizes bile


slows down blood flow

absorb water

main fuction of the large intestine

small intestine

made up by the duodenum, jejunum, and ileum

store bile

main function of the gallbladder


increases surface area inside the stomach

HCL and Intrinsic factor

produced by Parietal cells

Intrinsic factor

vehicle for vitamin B12


mucous cells sectrete _____


enteroendocrine cells secrete ______


a fat that is repackaged and covered with a protein is now called a ______

surcrase, lactase, and maltase

3 enzymes

surcrose, lactose, and maltose

3 disaccharides

glucose, fructose, and galactose

3 monosaccharides

secrete and alkaline mucous

function of brunner's glands

fatty acid and glycerol

lipase breaks fats into


fats are absorbed through the

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