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  1. intercede
  2. approbation
  3. unctuous
  4. callow
  5. epitome
  1. a the official approval of something
  2. b without experience
  3. c to please on behalf of someone else
  4. d a summary or a digest
  5. e excessively smooth or smug

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  1. to think up
  2. to lower in character
  3. to have a violent attack with words
  4. (n) a chain or shackle (v) to chain or to shackle
  5. a well understood principle

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  1. inscrutableincapable of being understood


  2. provincial(adj) narrow in mind or outlook (n) someone with a narrow point of view


  3. transmute(adj) lasts for a short time (n) someone who goes from place to place


  4. hackneyedan act of forgiveness


  5. sinecurea position requiring little to no work, easy job