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  1. sepulchral
  2. drivel
  3. salutary
  4. fetter
  5. amnesty
  1. a an act of forgiveness
  2. b gloomy, dismal
  3. c (n) saliva or mucus flowing from the mouth or nose (v) to let saliva flow from mouth or nose
  4. d (n) a chain or shackle (v) to chain or to shackle
  5. e wholesome, beneficial

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  1. to make up a dish or combine ingredients
  2. to direct or to order
  3. to severely punish
  4. difficult to handle
  5. abnormal

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  1. amorphousshapeless


  2. restitutionthe act of restoring someone or something to the rightful owner


  3. nominaltoo small to be considered


  4. desecrateto violate, pollute, treat irreverently


  5. ingratiatea breaking of law or obligation