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  1. irrevocable
  2. grandiose
  3. exhort
  4. callow
  5. cajole
  1. a without experience
  2. b to urge/advise strongly
  3. c irreversible
  4. d to persuade through flattery
  5. e grand in an impressive way, absurdly exaggerated

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  1. to violate, pollute, treat irreverently
  2. easy to speak to
  3. to make things easier
  4. (v) to whip (n) a source of punishment
  5. a breaking of law or obligation

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  1. autonomywholesome, beneficial


  2. sedulouspersistent


  3. permeateto steal something that has been given into one's trust, to embezzle


  4. vitriolicstinging comment


  5. ameliorateto improve or to make better


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