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  1. lassitude
  2. Concoct
  3. provincial
  4. restitution
  5. ennui
  1. a the act of restoring someone or something to the rightful owner
  2. b dissatisfaction from lack of interest
  3. c to make up a dish or combine ingredients
  4. d (adj) narrow in mind or outlook (n) someone with a narrow point of view
  5. e a lack of energy

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  1. internal
  2. to spread through, soak through
  3. very careful and exact
  4. (n) a chain or shackle (v) to chain or to shackle
  5. to make easier or to progress quicker

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  1. scathingwithout experience


  2. surreptitiousaccidental


  3. aurasomething that surrounding the atmosphere


  4. anomalouspersistent


  5. equitablefair, just