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  1. resilient
  2. irrevocable
  3. insular
  4. coalition
  5. amnesty
  1. a an alliance or union
  2. b irreversible
  3. c characteristic of, relating to
  4. d able to recover/return to quickly
  5. e an act of forgiveness

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  1. simple, plain, severe or stern in manner
  2. to severely punish
  3. a gap, opening, or break
  4. to find fault with, rebuke
  5. (n) saliva or mucus flowing from the mouth or nose (v) to let saliva flow from mouth or nose

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  1. restitutionable to recover/return to quickly


  2. approbationthe official approval of something


  3. fettersimple, plain, severe or stern in manner


  4. vicariousimagined


  5. infersomething that surrounding the atmosphere