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  1. vulnerable
  2. expedite
  3. interloper
  4. disconcert
  5. immutable
  1. a to make easier or to progress quicker
  2. b an intruder
  3. c not subject to change, constant
  4. d open to attack, capable of being wounded or damaged
  5. e to confuse, to upset, to ruffle

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  1. to argue or plead with someone against something
  2. excessively smooth or smug
  3. a period of a thousand years
  4. thin or flimsy in texture
  5. without experience

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  1. inadvertent(n) one who rebels against authority (adj) rising in revolt


  2. surmisecoarse, stupid


  3. transcend(adj) lasts for a short time (n) someone who goes from place to place


  4. straitlacedto rise above or beyond


  5. contriveto credit or attribute