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  1. grandiose
  2. sepulchral
  3. simulate
  4. bizarre
  5. punctilious
  1. a extremely strange
  2. b to pretend or imitate
  3. c grand in an impressive way, absurdly exaggerated
  4. d gloomy, dismal
  5. e very careful and exact

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  1. to go beyond a limit or boundary
  2. shade cast by trees
  3. a natural inclination
  4. to remove with effort
  5. to violate or trespass

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  1. disconcertto confuse, to upset, to ruffle


  2. vicariousstinging comment


  3. repudiateto violate, pollute, treat irreverently


  4. innuendoa hint or indirect suggestion


  5. eruditeto make easier or to progress quicker


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