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  1. precept
  2. ameliorate
  3. aspersion
  4. tenuous
  5. lassitude
  1. a a damaging or derogatory statement
  2. b a well understood principle
  3. c a lack of energy
  4. d thin, slender, not dense
  5. e to improve or to make better

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  1. irreversible
  2. filthy
  3. to dissuade someone from doing something
  4. a period of a thousand years
  5. unintentional

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  1. callowa warning or caution to prevent misunderstanding


  2. insularcharacteristic of, relating to


  3. sangfroidcomposure or coolness


  4. prateto talk a great deal in a foolish or aimless fashion


  5. seditioushaving the purpose of overthrowing an established authority