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You may not park within how many feet of a fire hydrant?

10 ft

When approaching an uncontrolled intersection and another vehicle approaches with you, you should:

slow down, check traffic, proceed w/ caution, always yield to car at right

When 2 roads intersect and there are no signs/signals, it is good practice to:

it's an uncontrolled situation so: slow down, check traffic, proceed w/ caution, always yield to car at right

What are the components of the Accident Prevention Formula?

be alert, be prepared, act on time

Best way to reduce chances of having an alcohol related accident

Don't drink and drive

When can you use studded snow tires?

Nov. 15- April 1

What should you do if a vehicle is passing you?

slow down, let them pass

If you are under 21 and drive a vehicle w/ as little as .01% BAC, the penalties are:

$500 fine, 30-90 day license suspension, IDRC class, 15-30 day community service

What should you do if you are stopped at a traffic light and are behind a large truck?

Leave space so you can see surroundings, make sure you can see driver, make sure you're not in blind spots

You should dim your lights to low beams during

city driving, fog, when car is approaching you

How far away from a school bus must you stop?

25 ft

What ways can seat belts help you in event of collision?

stop you from hitting windshield, from sliding around in back seat, from flying from back to front seat

What does driving under influence mean?

driving while taking drugs

Most people who are convicted for drinking and driving have been drinking:


To safely share roadway with large trucks/buses, you must know:

that they have a larger turning radius, have larger stopping distance, more blind spots

Hand signal when driver's hand and arm are out and upward means:

right hand turn

Best way to take a curve?

slow down before entering

Who is required by the GDL law to wear a seat belt in the vehicle?


When are road surfaces most slippery?

During first few minutes of rainfall

You should always yield to which roadway users?

pedestrians and emergency vehicles

What are the penalties for altering a driver's license?

$200-600 in fines, 6 months in jail

A ____ oz. shot of 86 proof whiskey= a ____ oz. glass of wine = ____ oz. bottle of beer.

1.5, 5, 12

Speed limit in a business district?

35 mph

Speed limit in a residential area?

25 mph

In adverse weather conditions, how much longer will it take a large truck to stop versus a small car?


What should you do if your vehicle goes into a skid?

turn wheel in direction of skid, don't brake, take foot off gas, then straighten wheel out when vehicle is settled

You may not take your road test in a vehicle w/ any obstructions or consoles between the driver and examiner b/c:

examiner must have access to emergency brake

When is a GDL driver permitted to use a hand-held wireless device?

Only in case of emergency, but must pull over first

From what age are you allowed to use hand-less phones?


Use high beam lights during:

open country driving

Order of colors on traffic lights?

red, yellow, green

How many passengers can accompany the holder of a validated GDL Special Learner's Permit in the vehicle?

1 passenger

The holder of a Provisional Driver's License, under 21, can have how many non-household members in the car?


Requirements to obtain a valid provisional license?

Permit, 6 months supervised driving, pass road/vision test

You may not park w/in how many feet of a crosswalk?

25 ft

What must you do when approaching a railroad crossing w/ flashing red lights?


What are the steps for making a left turn from a two-way road?

blinker on, move into center of intersection, when no traffic, make turn

Meaning of a hand signal when driver's hand and arm are downward:


What four factors determine your BAC?

body weight, amount that you've had to drink, food you've eaten, time

How much is the fine for violation of any of the conditions of the GDL permits or Provisional License?


When does NJ law permit you to turn right on red?

always! unless sign says otherwise

What penalties will a motorist receive for a 3rd conviction of operation under the influence of liquor/drugs?

suspension of driving privileges, installation of interlock device

NJ laws require you to keep to right except:

when passing/turning

Before turning, you should signal at least

100 ft before

Between what hours is the holder of a GDL Special Learner's permit allowed to drive?

5 am-11 pm

If you are angry or excited, what should you do before getting in car?

calm down

The holder of a valid GDL Examination Permit (21 and older) is required to drive supervised for how long?

6 months

Shape of yield sign? Stop sign? Warning/construction sign?

triangle, octagon, diamond

A person who has a student permit must have what items w/ them when driving?

permit (which acts as license), registration, insurance, supervising driver (21 years old, 3 years driving experience)

What does it mean when pavement is marked w/ 2 centerlines, one solid and one broken?

passing on side of broken line

NJ law allows up to 3 points to be subtracted from your driving record if you commit no moving violations for how long?

1 year

A single, solid white line across an intersection means:


When nearing a steady yellow traffic signal, you should:

slow down and stop

Penalties for getting a driver's license illegally?

$200-500, 30-90 days in jail

If under 21, NJ law sates that you may be under the influence if you BAC is:


Criteria for a supervising driver?

21 years old, 3 years driving experience, valid NJ license

NJ law requires that child must ride in a child restraint device if

8 years old or 80 pounds and less

You may not park w/in how many feet of a stop sign?

50 ft

Between what hours may a driver who has a provisional license drive?

5 am-11 pm

How many passengers may a driver with a special learner's permit have in the car?


In city driving, it is good practice to:

look 12 sec. ahead/3 blocks ahead, parallel park (double park)

How much are your chances of getting into an accident if your BAC is .05%

2x greater

How much are your chances of getting into an accident if your BAC is .10%?

6x greater

How much are your chances of getting into an accident if your BAC is .15%?

25x greater

What is the three second rule?

good measure for following distance

What is the only thing that can sober a person up?


Best way to talk to other drivers?

lights, horns, hand signals

If you sell your car and do not buy another, what should you do w/ the license plate?

return to DMV

The holder of a provisional license, who is under 21, may rive unsupervised when what requirements are met?

6 moths supervised driving

When parking uphill, your wheels should be turned:

away from curb

If someone gets drunk in your home, leaves, and gets into accident, you may become involved in

a lawsuit

A person may operate a Moped with a

basic driver's license

When parking downhill, your wheel should be turned

toward curb

Five places that you can't park

on bridge, in tunnel, fire lanes, bus stops, no closer than suggested feet

Double solid lines in center of a two-way road mean

no passing

How long is a provisional driver provisional for?

1 year

What are the steps for making a left turn from a two-way road onto a four lane highway?

put signal on, approach center of intersection, turn when it's safe into left lane, turn into right lane when safe

Colors of a railroad crossing sign

black and yellow

If your wheels drift onto the shoulder (side) and you want to return to road, you should

slow down, regain control, turn slowly back onto roadway

When driving around a curve, vehicle will tend to

go straight

Green light means

go when safe

What items must you bring w/ you when going for Road Test?

permit, insurance, registration, inspection sticker, supervising driver, proper vehicle (6 points of ID is after you pass this test)

What should you do if you have a tire blowout?

hold wheel tightly, decelerate (slow down), put blinkers on, pull over to side as fast as possible

What should you do if car begins to hydroplane?

slow down/take foot off gas

When you move into NJ, you must have your vehicle inspected w/in

60 days

Speed limit in school zone?

25 mph

When should you use your signals?

turning, passing, pulling over for emergency vehicles

What age can a person obtain a special learner's permit?


What age can a person obtain a provisional license?


What age can a person obtain a basic driver's license?


When must you have headlights on?

1/2 hour before sunset, 1/2 hour after sunrise

What is a deceleration lane?

exit ramp of highway

What is an acceleration lane?

entrance ramp of highway

What should you do if you miss your exit on an expressway?

go to next exit, and then turn around

Why is it good practice to keep a space cushion?

so you have enough time to stop

When passing a large truck/bus, it is important tot remember

to maintain a proper speed so that you can stop if need be, never pass a truck or bus on the right, they can't see you!

When driving at night, make sure you can stop w/in

distance of headlights

How long is a new driver on probation for?

1 year

What is the Implied Consent Law?

have to take breathalyzer test at cop's request

Under GDL law, a person is required to attend a remedial training class for what reasons?

accumulate 12-14 points in 24 months

When can you pass on right?

when police says so, when person is making left turn

Every registered NJ vehicle must be insured for


After two to four drinks, alcohol begins to impair your

reaction time, judgment, coordination

If a student driver commits a moving traffic violation, who is responsible?

both student and supervisor

How often must you renew your registration?

every year

How often must you have your vehicle inspected?

every 2 years

How often must you renew your license?

every 4 years

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