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Aramis find

Oldest hominid teeth ever found


3.2 Million year old most nearly complete skeleton of any erect walking human found up to that time. Found in Hadar Africa.

Laetoli footprints

fossilized footprints approximately 3.6 mya of a family of australopithicus aferensis found in Laetoli Tanzania shows bipedal ancestors

The Turkish Handwalkers

Five siblings who have a genetic syndrome that does not allow them to stand up, so they walk on four legs. They have a defect that is one of the biggest differences between humans and chimps.

Lacaux Cave

A cave where Cro-Magnons created some of the first paintings.

The Taung Skull

An Australopithecus skull of a young boy that was fossilized, the first hominid to be found in Africa that confirmed the fact our descendants came from Africa, which many did not want to believe.

Record keeping bone

Reindeer bone with 69 carved marks on it, shows Neanderthals were keeping track of something. Found in France 32,000 years ago.

Moscow Burial

A man buried with a jacket decorated with mammoth ivory beads. Shows man had high status to be buried with such valuable items and a possible belief in the afterlife. 24,000 years old.

Fertility Goddess

A female deity or god who watches over and promotes fertility

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