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Myotomes: Muscles and innervation of upper limb

Lateral rotation of the arm
Infraspinatus (Supscapular = C5/C6)
Teres minor (Axillary = C5/C6)
Deltoid, posterior (Axillary = C5/C6)
Medial rotation of the arm
Subscapularis (Subscapular = C5,C6,C7)
Teres major (Lower Subscapular = C6)
Pecroalis major (Medial and lateral pectoral = C5,C6,C7)
Latissimus dorsi (Thoracodorsal = C7)
Deloid, anterior (Axillary = C5,C6)
Abduction of the arm
Deltoid (Axillary = C5/C6)
Supraspinatous (Suprascapular = C5/C6)
Serratous anterior (Long thoracic)
Trapezius (C11)
Abduction of the fingers
Dorsal interosseous (Ulnar = T1/C8)
Adduction of the arm
Pectoralis major (Medial and Lateral =C6, C7)
Latissimus dorsi (Throacodorsal = C6,C7)
Teres major (Lower subscapular= C6)
Subscapularis (Subscapular = C6)
Coracobrachialis (musculocutaneous)
Adduction of the fingers
Palmar interosseous (Ulnar = T1/C8)
Flexion at the elbow
Brachialis (Musculocutaneous = C5/C6)
Biceps brachii (Musculocutaneous = C5/C6)
Brachioradialis (Radial = C5,C6 . . . )
Extension at the elbow
Triceps (Radial= C7/C8 . . . )
Acroneous (Radial = C7/C8 . . . )
Wrist flexion
Flexor carpi radialis (Median = C6,C7,C8)
Flexor carpi ulnaris (Ulnar = C8,T1))
Long flexors of thumb and fingers (Median/Ulnar)
Wrist extension
Extensor carpi radialis longus (Radial = C6,C7,C8)
Extensor carpi radialis brevis Radial)
Extensor carpi ulnaris (Radial)
Long extensors of thumb and fingers (Radial)
Supination of forearm
Supinator (Radial = C6)
Biceps brachii (Musculocutaneous = C6)
Pronation of forearm
Pronator teres (median = C7,C8)
Pronator quadratus (median = C7,C8)
Flexion of arm at shoulder
Pectoralis major (Medial and lateral)
Deltoid, anterior (Axillary)
Coracobrachialis (Musculocutaneous)
Bicels brachii, long head (Musculocutaneous)
Extension of arm at the shoulder
Latissimus dorsi (Thoracodrosal)
Teres major (lower subscapular)
Deltoid, posterior (axillary)