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COMD 3100 Unit 2: Part 3

What is connective tissue?
Tissue that connects or binds structures together, support the body, and aid in bodily maintenance.
What are the three types of connective tissue?
What are the two types of loose connective tissue?
Areolar tissue
found just below the skin
forms the bed for skin and mucous membranes
Adipose tissue
similar to areaolar tissue but has a high concentration of fat cells
What are the different types of dense connective tissue?
Tendons can always be associated with a ______________.
What are the physical characteristics of tendons?
tough, nonelastic cords
Tendons attach...
muscle to bone, cartilage, or one another.
Aponeuroses (a type of tendon) are...
broad sheets of tendonous expansions serving as a covering for muscle.
What are the physical characterists of ligaments?
elastic fibers
Ligaments join...
bone to bone, bone to cartilage, and cartilage to cartilage.
Fascia denotes all of the ...
dense fibrous connective tissues not otherwise designated as tendons, aponeuroses, or ligaments
Fascia is usually found in the form of ______________.
membranous sheets
Reticular tissue is a very delicate matrix of cells which have processes that...
extend in all directions to join neighboring cells
Reticular tissue forms a supporting framework for...
the lymph nodes and liver.
What are the two kinds of specialized connective tissue?
Cartilage and bone
What are the three types of cartilage?
Hyaline cartilage
covers the articular surfaces of joints and forms the framework for the lower respiratory tracts.
Where is elastic cartilage found?
in the ear
external auditory meatus
auditory tube
some small cartilage of the larynx
How many bones are in the human skeleton?
206 bones
The bones in the human skeleton are divided into an ______________ and ______________ skeleton.
axial and appendicular
Bones are classified as...
long, short, irregular, or accessory
What are the characteristics of bone?
dense or compact bone
spongy of cancellous bone
How do bones differ?
only in the degree of porosity and in architecture.
What are joints?
the connections between bones that create movement
What are the three types of joints?
Synarthroidal (fibrous, immovable) joints
Diarthroidal (Ssynovial, movable) joints
Types of diathroidal joints
ball and socket
What is the movement of a diathroidal joint?
widely varying degrees and directions of free movement
What is the movement of a amphiarthroidal joint?
permits a certain amount of movement or give as contiguous bone edges are united by interposing cartilage
What is the movement of a synarthoidal joint?
No movement in these joints.
The connected pair or group acts as a single bone
Example: the skull
In synarthroidal joints, bones are almost in direct contact with one another and are joined together by a thin thin line of ______________.
connective tissue
What are the places on the skull where the bone meet called?