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World History 10 (Chapter 19)

Reasons for European Exploration
desire for wealth, to spread Christianity, desire for land, new sailing technology, God, gold, and glory
Prince Henry of Navarre
started navigation school, spread Christianity, traded cold and ivory and capitves
Bartolomu Dias
sailed past the tip of Africa
Vasco de Gama
sailed up the East African coast searching for a direct route to Asia
Christopher Columbus
was sailing west from Europe in hopes of reaching Asia, instead landed in Caribbean
Line of Demarcation
issued by Pope Alexander VI, preventing disputes and war over land, Spain= West of Line and Portugal= East of Line
Ming Dynasty
ruling family with Hongwu, Yonglo and Zheng He, went into isolation after 7 voyages
1st emperor, drove out Mongols, restored agriculture, Confucian beliefs, merit-based civil service
launched the 7 voyages, moved capital to Beijing
Zheng He
captain of the 7 voyages
Qing Dynasty
took over from Manchus, with Confucian beliefs
ruler who lowered taxes, gave intellectuals government positions
Qian Long
ruler who prospered, placed armed nomads at border, went into isolation
"warring states", wars between the daimyo in Japan
provided security, emporer= no real power
Oda Nobunaga
defeated and seized Kyoto, eliminated enemies
Toyotomi Hideyoshi
best general, invaded Korea against Mings
Tokugawa Iyeasu
brought order in Japan, sole ruler for 3 years, introduced the "alternate attendance policy"
Tokugawa Shogunate
very structured society, emperor the shogun then daimyo then samurai then peasants then merchants, growing cities and commerce, arts with haiku and kabuki theater, contact with Europe, brought in weapons, eventual isolation with only 1 port open to specific people