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The correct sequence for the layers within the wall of the alimentary canal from inside to outside is the

a. mucous membrane, muscular layer, serous layer, submucosa
b. mucous membrane. submucosa, muscular layer, serous layer
c. serous layer, muscular layer, mucous membrane, submucosa
d. submucosa, mucous membrane, serous layer, muscular layer

The root canal of a tooth contains

b. cementum
d.blood vessels and nerves

The salivary enzyme amylase functions to digest

d.all of these

A tooth consists mostly

c. pulp

The parietal cells of gastric glands secrete

c.hydrochloric acid

Which of the following is a protein, splitting enzyme found in pancreatic juices

a. trypsin
b. zymogen
d. nuclease

The liver functions to

a.form glucose from noncarbohydrates vitamin D
c.destroy damaged red blood cells
d.all of these

What constituent of bile has a digestive function

a.bile salts
b.bile pigments

One of the major functions of the large intestine is to

a.secrete digestive enzymes
b.reabsorb water from chyme
c.regulate the release of bile
d.break down hemoglobin

A relatively new treatment in the management of gastric ulcers is a drug that inhibits the production of HCl in the stomach. If a person took this medication for a long period, the digestion of which of the following would be affected the most

a. carbohydrates
d. all of these would be affected the same

A characteristic shared by all enzymes involved in protein digestion is that

a.all are secreted by the pancreas
b.all are activated by HCl
c.all are secreted in an inactive form
d.all are stimulated by enterokinase

Peristalsis occurs in the digestive tract

a.from the pharynx to the anus the stomach and small intestine only the small and large intestine only the stomach, small intestine, and large intestine only

The organs of the alimentary canal are innervated by sympathetic as well as parasympathetic nerve fibers

True or False

A set of primary teeth consists of 20 teeth, while a set of secondary teeth consists of 32 teeth

True or False

The pyloric sphincter serves as a valve that controls the movement of food between the stomach and esophagus

True or False

Fat molecules with longer chains of carbon atoms tend to be transported away from the intestine by lymph

True or False

The gallbladder is connected to the common bile duct by the hepatic duct

True or False

The cecum is located at the inferior end of the descending colon

True or False

Pancreatic acinar cells secrete pancreatic juice

True or False

Gallstones are usually composed of

a.calcium salts
b.uric acid
d.bile pigments

Which of the following is not a monosaccharide

a.fructoseb.glucose c. sucrose d. galactose

The cells that are most dependent upon a continual supply of glucose are those of the

a.muscular system
b.respiratory system
c.digestive system
d.nervous system

Intrinsic factor regulates the absorption

a. biotin
c.vitamin B6
d.vitamin B12

The fat soluble vitamins include

a.vitamin C
b.the B-complex vitamins
c.vitamins A, D, and K
d.thiamine, riboflavin, and niacin

As a group, fat-soluble vitamins are

a.absorbed more readily in the presence of bile salts b.excreted rapidly by the kidneys
c.easily destroyed by heat during cooking
d.all of these

The basic food group that supplies the best source of vitamin C is

a.milk and dairy products
b.fruits and vegetables
c.meat, poultry, and fish
d.breads and cereals

The basic food group that supplies the richest source of calcium is

a.milk and dairy products
b.fruits and vegetables
c.meat, poultry, and fish
d.breads and cereals

Gram for gram, carbohydrate provides about twice as much energy as protein

True or False

Cholesterol is synthesized chiefly in the liver

True or False

As an energy source, body cells preferentially use

a.fatty acids
lc. proteins

Which of the following bones does not possess sinuses


The part of the pancreas that secrete digestive enzyme are called

a. islets of Langerhansb.lactealsc.pancreatic acinar cellsd.crypts of Lieberkhun

The force that causes air to move into the lungs during inspiration is supplied by

a.the diaphragm
b.external intercostal muscles
c.abdominal wall muscles
d.atmospheric pressure

The amount of air that enters or leaves the lungs during a normal respiratory cycle is the

a.tidal volume
b.residual volume
c.vital capacity lung capacity

The vocal cords are located within the

d.oral cavity

Of the respiratory air volumes listed, which one has the largest volume

a.expiratory reserve volume
b.inspiratory reserve volume
c.vital capacity
d.tidal volume

Which of the following is (are) a function of the mucus-covered nasal passages

a.warming inspired air
b. moistening inspired air
c.entrapping small particles
d.all of these

The intensity (volume) of a vocal sound is a result of the

a.force of air passing over the vocal cords
b.tension on the vocal cords
c.size of the laryngeal cartilage
d. shape of the laryngeal cartilage

The organs of the upper respiratory tract are located outside of the thorax

True or False

The pharynx is an enlargement at the top of the trachea that houses the vocal cords

True or False

The glottis is the opening between the vocal cords

True or False

The left lung is larger than the right lung and is divided into three lobes

True or False

Ordinary air is about. 21% oxygen and 78% nitrogen

True or False

Carbon monoxide bonds to hemoglobin more effectively than does oxygen

True or False

primary bronchea a. outpouchings of alveolar ducts tertiary bronchi b. branches of the trachea
Alveolar Sacs c. Supply lobules of the lung
Bronchioles d. Branches of respiratory bronchioles
Alveolar ducts bronchopulmonary segments


The percentage of carbon dioxide in ordinary air is about


The lamina propria is part of the __________ layer

a. mucosa
b. submucosa

In passing through the alimentary canal carbohydrate is first acted upon by enzymes in the

b.small intestine
d.large intestine

Trepsinogen is produced by the cells of the

a. islets of Langerhans
b. gastric glands
c.pancreatic acinar cells
d. intestinal glands
e. gall bladder

Maltase, sucrase and lactase are secreted by the cells

a. gastric glands
b. mucous glands
c. hepatocytes
d. intestinal gland cells

The vessels of the hepatic triads include

a. sinusoids, hepatic veins, central vein
b. branches of portal vein, hepatic artery and bile duct
c. branches of portal vein, hepatic artery and hepatic vein
d. branches of portal vein, lymphatic vein, bile duct

In the alimentary canal most water is absorbed by the

b.small intestine

The organ of the digestive system that is involved in phagocytosis, detoxification, and secretion of digestive chemicals is

b.small intestine

chief cells produce

a. insulin
b.hydrochloric acid
e.both B and C
a.haustrab.epiploic appendagesc.plicae circularisd. taenia colie. gastic rugae

The three muscular bands that run the length of the colon are called the

b.epiploic appendages
c.plicae circularis
d. taenia coli
e. gastric rougae

The common bile duct opens into the

a. ascending colon
b. jejunum
c. ileum
d. stomach
e. duodenum

The role of hydrochloric acid in the stomach is

a. aids in the digestion of starch
b. help the enzyme pepsin in the digestion of protein
c. help the enzyme trypsin in the digestion of fat
d. cause stomach ulcers

Which of the following structures would be pierced thirdly by a pin entering the small intestine from outside

c.external muscular layer
d.muscularis mucosa

Segmentation and peristalysis are movements observed in the region of the large intestine

True or False

Stimulation of the salivary glands by the sympathetic glands will increase the production of saliva

True or False

The area of the stomach that acts as a

a. cardiac region
b. body region
c. pyloric region
d. fundic region

The intrinsic factor secreted by the cells of the stomach aids in the absorption of glucose from the small intestine

True or False

The portal vein contains blood that is in oxygen but poor in nutrients in both oxygen as well as rich in nutrients in nutrients but poor in oxygen
d.poor in oxygen and poor in nutrients

The intestinal enzyme that breaks fat is

a. sucrase
d.pancreatic amylase

The only significant secretion of the large intestine is

a. chime
b. water
c. mucus
d. electrolytes
e. enzymes

The type of epithelium found in the alveoli is

a.simple squamous epithelium
b.ciliated columnar epithelium
c. cuboidal epithelium
d.stratified squamous epithelium

The base of the lung is also referred to as _________ surface

b. diaphragmatic
c. costal

Inspiration takes place when the diaphragm contracts

True or False

Normal breathing is controlled by centers located in

a. cerebellum
b. cerebrum
c. brainstem
d. spinal cord

Cellular respiration is the exchange of gases between the air in the alveoli and the air in the capillary blood inside the lung tissue

True or False

Inspired air contains about 21% oxygen, but Expired air contains about______% oxygen


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