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  1. endergonic
  2. unsaturated
  3. 4 types of organic compounds
  4. saturated
  5. denaturation
  1. a containing double and triple bonds between carbons
  2. b requires energy
  3. c containing all single bonds between the carbons
  4. d carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, nucleic acids
  5. e distruption of a proteins 3-dimensional shape

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  1. two or more atoms joined together
  2. breakdown of molecules
  3. study of atoms and molecules
  4. compound that maintains a stable pH
  5. items joining w/ each other are called reactants written to the left of areo, products are made and written to right of areo.

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  1. synthesisjoining of molecules


  2. substratecompound that an enzyme acts upon


  3. pHcompound that releases H+


  4. exergonicrequires energy


  5. saltionic compound that does not contain H or OH