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  1. atoms
  2. unsaturated
  3. hydrogen bonds
  4. compounds
  5. active site
  1. a containing double and triple bonds between carbons
  2. b two or more different atoms joined together
  3. c center called nucleus; contains particles have positive charge protons, no charge neutrons orbits around nucleus are negative charge electrons.
  4. d spot where the substrate fits
  5. e attraction between a slightly positive H in one molecule and a slightly negative atom in another molecule

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  1. items joining w/ each other are called reactants written to the left of areo, products are made and written to right of areo.
  2. containing all single bonds between the carbons
  3. are made of amino acids. main function is enzymes, fibers, receptors, and hormones. TYPE; primary, secondary, and tertiary
  4. transfer of electrons followed by the joining of two atoms.
  5. logerythmic measure of the amount of H+

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  1. lipidscompound that releases H+


  2. carbohydratescontaining all single bonds between the carbons


  3. chemistrystudy of atoms and molecules


  4. decompisitionbreakdown of molecules


  5. endergonicenergy releasing