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  1. buffer
  2. molecules
  3. active site
  4. compounds
  5. saturated
  1. a two or more different atoms joined together
  2. b containing all single bonds between the carbons
  3. c compound that maintains a stable pH
  4. d spot where the substrate fits
  5. e two or more atoms joined together

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  1. proteins that cause reactions to occur or speed up
  2. center called nucleus; contains particles have positive charge protons, no charge neutrons orbits around nucleus are negative charge electrons.
  3. ionic compound that does not contain H or OH
  4. substance that dissolves other things
  5. logerythmic measure of the amount of H+

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  1. carbohydratescompound that an enzyme acts upon


  2. lipidsare fats and oils. main function is energy, membrane, and hormones. TYPES; neutral lipid, phospholipid, and steroid


  3. endergonicenergy releasing


  4. exergonicenergy releasing


  5. carboncan form four bonds and can be single, double, or triple. join to itself over and over to form long chains or rings. can have important pieces attached called functional groups