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  1. exergonic
  2. chemical reaction
  3. atoms
  4. functional group of organic compound
  5. necleic acids
  1. a energy releasing
  2. b can stick off the end or embeded in the middle.
  3. c items joining w/ each other are called reactants written to the left of areo, products are made and written to right of areo.
  4. d center called nucleus; contains particles have positive charge protons, no charge neutrons orbits around nucleus are negative charge electrons.
  5. e are made of a base. main function is a ring w/ nitrogens attached to a sugar which is attached to one or more phosphates. TYPE; adenosine phosphate, DNA/RNA, and NAD/FAD

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  1. compound that releases H+
  2. energy required to start a reaction
  3. spot where the substrate fits
  4. joining of molecules
  5. requires energy

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  1. solventpartical being dissolved


  2. baseionic compound that does not contain H or OH


  3. 4 types of organic compoundscan stick off the end or embeded in the middle.


  4. lipidsare fats and oils. main function is energy, membrane, and hormones. TYPES; neutral lipid, phospholipid, and steroid


  5. moleculespartical being dissolved