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  1. 4 types of organic compounds
  2. decompisition
  3. proteins
  4. acid
  5. synthesis
  1. a breakdown of molecules
  2. b compound that releases H+
  3. c carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, nucleic acids
  4. d are made of amino acids. main function is enzymes, fibers, receptors, and hormones. TYPE; primary, secondary, and tertiary
  5. e joining of molecules

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  1. can form four bonds and can be single, double, or triple. join to itself over and over to form long chains or rings. can have important pieces attached called functional groups
  2. logerythmic measure of the amount of H+
  3. attraction between a slightly positive H in one molecule and a slightly negative atom in another molecule
  4. items joining w/ each other are called reactants written to the left of areo, products are made and written to right of areo.
  5. requires energy

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  1. soluteionic compound that does not contain H or OH


  2. denaturationcontaining double and triple bonds between carbons


  3. covalent bondstransfer of electrons followed by the joining of two atoms.


  4. moleculespartical being dissolved


  5. activation energyenergy required to start a reaction