Turbulent Triangle (Egypt)

19 terms by mfront

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a triangular tract of sediment deposited at the mouth of a river


preserve a dead body from decay


a series of rulers in one family


Egyptian form of writing


wealth given to one country from another to show respect or dependence


life after death

Rosetta Stone

an inscribed stone written in three languages that was used to decode hieroglyphics


a ruler of ancient Egypt


a region, often a kingdom


bring in from another country


the shape and elevation of surface features, such as mountains or deserts, of a place or region


the plants of a place or region

physical geography

Earth's physical features including such things as mountains, rivers, deserts, climate, and the fertility of the soil


large granite pillars with four sides


a plant that grew on the banks of the Nile, used for paper

Nile River

This river in Northeast Africa flows north and empties into the Mediterranean Sea


to overcome; to defeat; to take control of


fairness; rightfulness


to join together into one group

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