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Nutrition ch. 2 (Diet planning principles)

Their are ___ diet planning principles
This diet planning principle provides all the essential nutrients, fiber, and energy in amount sufficient to maintain health
This diet planning principle provides foods in proportion to each other and in proportion to the bodys needs
kcalorie control
This diet planning principle manages the food energy intake. The amount of energy coming into the body should balance with the amount of energy being used by the body to sustain its metabolic and physical activities
nutrient density
This diet planning principle is a measure of nutrients a food provides relative to the energy it provides. The more nutrients and the fewer kcalories, the higher the ____ ___
This diet planning principle provides enough but not too much of a substance. Eating fatty foods only on occasion
This diet planning principle wants people to eat a wide selection of foods among the major food groups
___ kcalorie foods are foods that contribute enery but lack protein, vitamins and minerals