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I purely sensory - carries afferent impulses associated with sense of smell.


II sensory - carries afferent impulses associated with vision


III primarily motor - move eyeball, adjust sight: lens shape control


IV Primarily motor - move eyeball


V Mixed; sensory - face and head; motor - muscles of mastication


VI Motor - carries somatic motor fibers to lateral rectus muscle that moves the eyeball


VII Mixed; sensory - taste buds on anterior tongue; motor - muscles of face and scalp, salivary and tear glands


VIII Sensory - Vestibular branch transmits impulses associated with sense of equilibrium from vestibular apparatus and semicircular canals; cochlear branch transmits impulses associated w/ HEARING from cochlea


IX Mixed; sensory - taste buds on posterior tongue, receptors in pharynx and carotid artery; motor - muscles of pharynx and salivary glands throat and mouth


X Mixed; sensory - taste buds on tongue and pharynx, thoracic and abdominal organs; motor - muscles of pharynx, larynx, thoracic and abdominal organs throat and mouth


XI Mixed (mostly motor); muscles of larynx, pharynx, soft palate, shoulder, and neck


XII Mixed (mostly motor); carries somatic motor fibers to tongue muscles

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