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Amish Unit

the rules and laws of an Amish church explaining how and why church members must live in a particular way
a group of Christians founded in the late 1600s who continue to attempt to preserve their old way of life by having little contact with outsiders and focusing on holy living
a member of an Anabaptist movement who believes in simplicity, peace
member of a protestant group that believed in baptizing only those persons who were old enough to decide to be christian
being sorry for something done or left undone, with desire to make things right by undoing the wrong.
Menno Simmons
founder of the mennonites
Jacob Ammon
leader of the group that broke away from the Mennonites and eventually became the Amish
deliberately avoiding; this practice is used to punish Amish who do not follow the Ordnung; they are not allowed to be with other Amish members of the church, and are avoided, ignored, and barred from any community events for a period of time
pronounced "ge- las- en- hite", it is the Amish belief that we should "submit" to all others
showing humility; not vain; desiring to put others' desires ahead of your own
self denial
the act of giving up something you desire for a higher motive, reason, or belief
a subdivision of a larger religious group

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