Vietnam At War by Bradley

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Ho Chi Minh begin his speech this way all men are created equal they are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights among these are life liberty and the pursuit of happiness . Trolling on the American Declaration of Independence and the French declaration of the Rights of Man and the citizen, contrasted the universal ideals of liberty with the lived realities of more than 80 years of French colonial repression . Vietnam... did has the right to enjoy freedom and independence and in fact it has become a free and independent country
for some one thousand years from 111 BC AD 939, Vietnam was a Chinese protectorate initiating a complex relationship between the two peoples. on the one hand the Vietnamese aggressively fought against Chinese rule. After falling off Chinese control in AD 939 the Vietnamese put up successful resistance 2 repeated Chinese efforts to reclaim between 10 and 18th centuries . These efforts to retain independence produced a powerful indigenous tradition in folktales of the Vietnamese as indomitable resistance heros.
for these young men DeVille your of the save the king of movement in which many of their fathers head Cade a leading role demonstrated that Confucian principles provided an inadequate response to French rule and heightened the urgency of revising what they increasingly turned loss of country or national extinction
Pp 20Phan Chu Trinh - is in this is on at the role of individual heroes in the Revolutionary struggle with the broader reformist sentiment politics and social change... social Darwinist heroes offered a model for what Averitt formed and revitalized elite could accomplish in Vietnam.20Phan Boi Chau advocated a much quicker transition to the post colonial future. exemplified and shaped the broader bilities of the Reform generation . Was critical of French rule embraced Western learning as a model for the Vietnamese, and believed in the need for elite leadership .23young radicals assumed that they request for self knowledge and self realization wood in time bring it not only National Liberation but also transformations of the meanings according to person hood .23in the absence of an integrated vision 4 Vietnam and future the disparate radical search for individual and societal transformation rested on an all most romantic believe in Revolutionary heroism.23/24the celebration of individual voluntarism in biographies of these Asian European and American figures served as a central vehicle through which radicals to realize their vision fundamental change in Vietnam and the critical role that individuals both Elite and masses would pay play in that transformation .24radicals used biographical forms to glorify the triumph of the individual will over historical destiny, and sometimes described confusion virtues to their subjects.25within this radical intellectual ... Vietnamese revolutionary Youth League in 1925. The Youth League served as the forerunner of Vietnamese communism and provided much of the movement leadership orientation over the rest of the century.25Ho Chi Minh was central to the establishment of the youth league ideology. He left for Europe in the summer of 19 11 embarking on an intellectual and political Odyssey that took him to Europe, northern Africa, and the United States , and through which he turned from more gradualist anti-colonial ideas and strategies to Marxism .26ho Chi Minh suggested the Great unity under heaven dash that is a world revolution, a characterisationthat both recalled the reform generations use of the Confucian utopian peace to denote Vietnam's idealized postcolonial future and reviews radical efforts to recast and transform traditional categories of analysis for revolutionary purposes.33in many ways the Vietnamese War no closer to transforming indigenous society and achieving independence at the end of the 1930s than the reform movement had been in the early century. The experiences of the Second World War, however, fundamentally shifted the fortunes of Vietnamese anti colonialism, most particularly those of communist radicals .