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  1. complex, adj.
  2. trek, n.
  3. astute, adj.
  4. exonerate, v.
  5. abet, v.
  1. a consisting of interconnected parts; difficult to understand
  2. b expedition
  3. c clever
  4. d free from blame or responsibility
  5. e encourage with aid or approval

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  1. suitable under the circumstances
  2. neither good nor bad; barely adequate
  3. come to an end
  4. be in accord
  5. extremely long and indefinite period of time

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  1. iota, n.very small quantity; infinitesimal amount


  2. maim, v.decrease in power, size, or extent


  3. elude, v.slip away from


  4. thrive, v.come to an end


  5. wane, v.decrease in power, size, or extent