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biomass fuel

- matter formed by plants or animals that is used as a
fuel, such as wood or dung


- burning of fuel

elastic potential energy

-energy of stretching or compressed objects


- ability to do work or cause change

fossil fuel

- energy-rich substance such as coal, oil, natural gas
formed over millions of years from the remains of ancient plants and animals

geothermal energy

- energy obtained from water or steam heated
by thermal energy from Earth's interior

gravitational potential energy

- potential energy that an object has as a result of its position

hydroelectric power

- electricity produced by the kinetic energy
of water moving over a waterfall or dam

kinetic energy

- energy of motion

nonrenewable energy

an energy source that is not naturally
replaced in a timely manner

perpetual basis

- endless supply of energy, such as geothermal & solar


- energy that is stored & waiting to be used

renewable energy

- an energy source that is naturally replaced in
a relatively short time

wind energy

energy created when the kinetic energy of wind is used to turn a turbine & generate electricity

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