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IB History SL

IB history SL Paper 1: peacemaking and international relations
What was the philosophy behind Woodrow Wilsons 14 points
Self determination & The Creation of the League of Nations
What was the goal of the Mandate System
What was the Mandate System
A legal status for certain territories transferred from the control of one country to another following World War I
What countries was Britain given responsibility for under the mandate system
Iraq and Palestine
Which country was France given responsibility for under the mandate system
Syria (and later Lebanon)
Why did American population want the US to become isolated
Did not want dead soldiers and afraid of cost of wars in the future
How did the US encourage isolationism
Rejected Versailles
Fordney McCumber Tariff
Reduce in immigration
What was the Fordney McCumber Tariff
Tax placed on foreign goods making American goods more expensive
Why did the US become isolated economically
Foreign governments retaliated to Fordney McCumber Tariff by taxing goods
What was the aim of the disarmament conference in Washington
Limit the naval arms race
When was the Ruhr Crisis
Who was involved in the Ruhr crisis
Britain, France, Germany, US + Russia
What was the Ruhr Crisis a response to
The failure of the Weimar Republic under Chancellor Cuno to pay reparations in the aftermath of WW1
What did the French want from the Ruhr
Separation of Ruhr from Germany
What did the British want from the Ruhr
'Benevolent Passivity'
What did the Germans want from the Ruhr
To keep Ruhr
Why did the french fail during the invasion of Ruhr
Poor economic state, could no longer fund operation
What was the German governments resolution to the Ruhr crisis
Printed more money, causing hyper inflation
What did the Ruhr crisis lead to
The Dawes Plan
What did the Dawes Plan propose
Annual payments of reparantions
Why did the Germans attack the Dawes Plan
Because the amount were not reduced
Was the dawes plan a success
Yes, Currency establish, inflation undercontrol
What was the Locarno Spring
A treaty agreed and signed in October 1925 permitting Germany to become part of the League of Nations
How was the Locarno Spring treaty destroyed
By Hitler when he sent army into the Rhineland in 1936
Which countries did France give security to
Poland + Czech republic
What did the great depression lead to
Agression and collapse of international cooerperation
Brought Hitler to power
Mussolini engaged in agression in Africa
What nations were weakened by the depression
Germany, UK (economic powerhouses prior to 1914)
Why were the Germans hit so badly by the depression
America banks recalled loands
How was the Weiwar weakened by the depression
Unpopular economic policies
Rise if extremists
Collapse of government - social dems withdrew coalation
Keith Sheppards quote about depression
"depression was a gift to Hitler and the Nazis"
When was Manchuria
What invaded who in Manchuria
Japanese (kwantung army) invaded Manchuria
Why did the Japanese want Manchura
Japan was becoming over populated and Manchuria offered 200,000sq kms of space
Believed it was rich in minerals and land
What kind of opinion did the Japanese have of the Chinese
LOW opinion
What was the effect of the depression on Japan
They were hit HARD, civillian gov had no solution
What was the Leagues response to Manchuria
Should be semi independent
How did Japan respond to the League after Manchuria crisis
Left the league and occupied Jehol, League could not enforce authority
Why did the British fear the Japanese
feared invasion of HK + singapore
When was Abyssinia
Who did Somalia attempt to take over, and what was Britain + France's reponse
Ethiopia - Nothing
Why did Mussolini want to build up a large empire in North Africa
Distract his people from impact of depression
What was the aim of taking control of Abyssinia
Provide land for Italian settlers
Connect Erithea with Italian Somaliland - horn of Africa under Italian control
What happened in the treaty of St. Germain
Czecheslovakia set up
Slovenia, Bosnia, Dalmatia go to Yugoslavia. Galicia given to Poland and Austria not allowed to integrate with Germany.
What happened in the treaty of Triannon
Hungary loses 2/3 of it's pre-war land to Austria, Czechoslovakia and Romania
What happened in the treaty of Neuilly
Bulgaria loses territory to Greece, Romania and Yugoslavia
What happened in the treaty of Sevres
Turks cede middle eastern empire; Greece gets Thrace, Straits controlled by the Allies. This was revised at Lausanne - Greeks expelled and Constantinople given back to Turkey.
What happened in the treaty of Riga
Russia was defeated by Poland. Polands Eastern Frontiers fixed.