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A formal statement of facts about a subject


A short literary composition on a single subject, usually presenting the personal view of the writer

Research Paper

A research presents the results of investigation on a selected topic


A belief held with confidence but not substantiated by positive knowledge or proof


To furnish evidence for a particular belief or conclusion

Tentative Thesis

A working thesis that sometimes changes as results occur


The general subject of the research paper


A sentence/argument that focuses the research paper


The sentence in the intro that suggests to your reader the way you're going to prove that your thesis is valid


The first paragraph of paper; introduces the topic and contains the thesis and the blueprint


The bulk of the paper; contains the facts/research that will support the thesis


Final paragraph of paper; concludes paper by showing validity of thesis

Sound Argument

A valid argument supported by facts and common knowledge


Magazines, newspapers, and journals

Online Sources

Any online resource from which you gather information for your research paper


An editorial service that provides access to periodicals


An editorial service that provides access to periodicals


An accepted source of experts

Copyright Page

The page in a resource that provides publishing information needed for works cited page


Use and documentation of actual text or original ideas from one of your sources


Use of material without the required Documentation

Parenthetical Citation

Device by which you document the source of research

Cause, Effect, Solution Essay

An essay that explains why/how something happened, the result, and possible solutions


A preliminary sketch of what the research paper will look like


A preliminary visual organization of the research paper

Works Cited Page

Page that lists all the sources cited in the paper, This page must be set up according to very specific rules.

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