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STAAR Review 3 - Westward Expansion 1812-1846


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Mexican Cession
Some of Mexico's territory was added to the U.S. after the Mexican War: Arizona, New Mexico, California, Utah, Nevada & Colorado. (Treaty of Guadelupe Hildago)
James Monroe
5th president of the United States famous for the foreign policy view known as the Monroe Doctrine...
Monroe Doctrine
Foreign policy issued in 1823 that denied the right of Europeans to colonize in the western hemisphere and the U.S. would not intervene in foreign wars.
A doctrine was England used trade policy and taxation to try to bring gold and money from the colonies to England. Increased taxes on people in the colonies adding own their desire to separate from British.
Free Enterprise
The freedom of private businesses to operate competitively for profit with minimal government regulation. ALSO KNOWN AS - "Capitalism"
Gadsden Purchase
1853 purchase by the United States of southwestern lands from Mexico
Florida Cession
In 1817 Spain gave the US Florida after Andrew Jackson and his army marched into Florida, put an end to the Seminole raids, captured a fort that was controlled by runaway slaves, and defeated two Spanish forts.
Manifest Destiny
A notion held by a nineteenth-century Americans that the United States was destined to rule the continent, from the Atlantic the Pacific.
Robert Fulton
American inventor who designed the first commercially successful steamboat and the first steam warship (1765-1815)
Jacksonian Democracy
1820s change characterized by universal manhood suffrage (all white men get to vote) and government done directly by the people

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