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19-1 africa south

Almost all of South Africa lies on a series of?
are steep cliffs
Escarpments create?
Barriers for trade and travel on rivers.
Block ships from interior areas .
Low sunken areas formed by tectonic activity.
Congo Basin
Mt. Kilmanjaro is also called?
Shinny Mountain
Mt. Kenya is located in what region?
Eastern Africa
Great Rift Valley stretches from?
Southwest Asia to South Africa
Rift Valley are formed by shifting?
Tectonic Plates
Most the region's lakes are in or near ?
East Africa's Great Rift Valley
Lake Tanganyika
Longest freshwater lake in the world
Lake Victoria
Is Africa's Largest lake & 2nd largest in the world.
Lakes in Rift valley provide what 2 things?
Freshwater & Fish
Source of the White Nile ?
Lake Tana is located in what region?
East Africa
Lake Tana is a source of ?
Blue Nile
Name the 4 large river systems, South of the Sahara and name which region it's located in?
1. Nile River, East Africa
2. Congo River, Central Africa
3. Niger River, West Africa
4. Zamezi River, South Africa
What did they use the riverrs for?
Transportation, Freshwater. Fishing