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Abeka Physics Chapter 13

This set is currently a work in progress. It will cover terms and concepts from A Beka Book Physics: The Foundational Science, Chapter 13: "Rotary Motion" (pages 186-205).

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angular motion
term that describes any body or particle moving around an axis
term for a center of rotation
circular motion
term that describes a particle orbiting an external axis, like the planets orbiting the sun
rotary motion
term that describes a particle spinning on its own internal axis, like the sun
abbreviation for radians
abbreviation for arc length
θ (theta)
Greek letter that indicates an angle
ω (omega)
Greek letter that stands for angular velocity
α (alpha)
Greek letter that stands for angular acceleration
abbreviation for rotational intertia
abbreviation for torque
abbreviation for angular momentum
arc length
term for the linear distance from one point to another on a circular path
rim speed
term for the linear speed of a point on the rim of a rotating body
term for the measure of an angle that, when its vertex is set upon the center of a circle, subtends an arc equal in length to the radius of that circle
angular displacement
term for the amount of rotation accomplished by a rotating body
angular velocity
term for the change in an object's angular displacement per unit time
average angular velocity
term for angular displacement divided by time
angular acceleration
term for a change in angular velocity
The farther a point is from the center of rotation, the greater the _____ distance.
term for a straight line that is perpendicular to a given point's radius on the circle
rotational inertia
term for a body's resistance to rotary motion
Rotational inertia depends on how ___ is distributed.
moment of inertia
another name for rotational inertia
inertia equation
radius of a force (torque arm)
term for a vector directed from the center of rotation to the point where the force is applied, with a magnitude equal to the distance between these points
torque (moment of a force)
term for the quantitative measurement of rotational motion caused by an applied force
equation for the law of torque
angular acceleration
For a body of given rotational inertia, changes in torque bring proportional changes in ____ ____.
angular momentum
term for rotary momentum
term for a heavy spinning disk contained in many machines
right-hand rule
rule that says that if you curl the fingers of your right hand in the direction of rotation, your thumb will stick out in the direction of angular momentum
term for any solid object rotating about a fixed axis