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Human Behavior Final

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1. Blaming the victim: ignoring the real impact of racism. When the couple get pulled over and the cops blamed/accuse them for stealing the Lincoln, Navigator. They shouldn't have gotten pulled over but they did. This relates to the cops and the stolen vehicle because the cops blame the two black people for stealing a vehicle because and assume it's them because they are black and are in a nice vehicle that most blacks wouldn't be in.
2. Denial of Cultural Differences
Minimizing obvious physical differences.
The wife of the movie director denys her husbands cultural heritage in the bedroom after they got pulled over.This relates to the director because he has lived in a world where he hasn't been discriminated against as much of his race and he has lived his life without accepting he's black.
3. Blaming the System: Putting blame on others. The white women arguing with her husband about switching the locks again in their house because a hispanic man with tattoos up his neck made her believe that he and his "gang" will break in her house because he looks his appearance and tattoos make him look like a gang member. So she blames him and accuses him of going to break in the house just like all the other hispanic gang members. This relates to the women talking as if the hispanic man is part of gang because she blames him and all the people with tattoos and people part of gangs like they are the problem and reason for danger and crime.
4.Denial of Cultural Heritage: distrusting own group. The white cop that is racist toward the two blacks he pulled over and the women he calls and meets in person when he tries to get help for his dad. He is racist toward the receptionist and calls them "you people" and treats the black receptionist like trash. He uses his race to act and be more dominant when pulling over the two black people and when on the phone with the receptionist. This relates to the white cop because he uses his "whiteness" as being better and more controlling...he believes he's the higher authority.
5. Lack of Understanding or minimization of the political significance or racial oppression.
The black man the directs a show lives his life as if racism toward blacks doesn't affect him or apply to him until he is pulled over by the white cops. Once he was pulled over it was a "wake up" call reminding him that he is black. This is when someone doesn't believe that racism is real or happens anymore. This relates to the black director because he has lived a life without being reminded that he is black and he has ignored the fact that there is a lot of racism toward blacks but he hasn't experience that until he was pulled over.