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Jezebel's daughter
Was a bad influence on her husband and ruled in Judah when her son was killed.


Good king.
Walked with God.


Made good decisions as longs as Jehoiada the priest was wit him. He died and his kingdom abandoned God and worshiped idols.


Hired soldiers from Israel but obeyed when the prophet told him not to use them. Later, he worshiped Edom's gods and stopped the prophet of God from speaking.


Jerusalem wasn't destroyed by Egypt because he humbled himself before God.


Was killed by Jehu because he was a descendant of Ahab.


Aram's army was twice as big as his so he cried out to God for help.


Suffered from a bowel disease because he reintroduced foreign worship in Judah.


Suffered from leprosy because he refused to stop burning incense in the temple.


Suffered from a foot disease because he relied on Aram instead of God to deliver Judah. He was so angry with the prophet Hanani he threw him into prison.


Walked in the way of David and god was with him. He sent judges to towns to teach the people God's word.


Asa became very angry with him for telling him he had relied on Aram instead of God so he threw him into prison.


She saved Joash from the wrath of Athaliah.


The faithful priest who protected Joash.


Was a prophet who used powerful images to describe the future of....

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