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Investigation 2 -Diversity of Life


The part that holds the objective lenses and turns to choose a lens


The lens that you look through in the microscope

Total Magnification

Multiply the power of the eyepiece by the power of the objective lens


This controls the amount of light let in

Objective lens

One of three lenses ( 4x, 10X) used with the eyepiece to see an object

Focal plane

The place place where the speciman is in focus when you look through the eyepiece

Field of View

The round light you see when you look through the eyepiece


The magnification of a lens (10X, 40X)


The bottom of the microscope which supports it


The square platrform where the specimen is put


Means to "make bigger"

Compound microscope

The tool that scientists use which has two lenses


The strong structure that connects the base to the nosepiece

Fine focus

The knob that focuses to see more clearly

Coarse Adjustment

The knob that moves the stage closer to the objective lense.

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