Lesson 5: Repaso De Ayudar A Los Demás Quiz

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Which is the word for "poor" in Spanish ?
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Which is the word for "poor" in Spanish ?
Which painter was a big influence on Clausell's work ?
What is the "Programa de Vigilantes Ecológicos"
A curriculum for schools to educate their students on environmental issues
Teresa ________ dio una cámara a mí
Mi tío issac________ planes(plans) para Ir a mexico.
Teresa y yo siempre_______ la verdad(the truth).
Which verb means "to pick up" in Spanish ?
Which means "street" in Spanish ?
La Calle
What is the main purpose of the web portal run by México's office of the Secretaria del Medio Ambiente ?
To inform people about issues and programs related to the environment and conservation
What was Joaquin Clausell's main subject matter ?