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Law & Ethics Chapter 7

an acquired physical or psychological dependence on a drug
a postmortem examination of organs and tissues to determine the cause of death
Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs
agency of the federal government responsible for enforcing laws covering statutes of addictive drugs
Controlled Substances Act
a federal statute that regulates the manufacture and distribution of the drugs that are capable of causing dependency
public health officer who holds an investigation if a person's death is from an unknown or violent cause
statistics, figures or information
Drug Enforcement Administration
a division of the department of justice that enforces and regulates the controlled substances act
Employee Assistance Program
a management financed, confidential counseling referral service designed to help employees and/or their family members assess a problem such as alcoholism
Food and Drug Administration
an agency within the department of health and human services that ultimately enforces drug sales and distribution
the development of an emotional dependence on a drug due to repeated use
an investigation held by a public official, such as a coroner, to determine the cause of death
Morbidity Rate
the rate of sick people or cases of disease in relationship to a specific population
Mortality Rate
death rate
after death
Probable Cause
a reasonable belief that something improper has occurred
Public Duties
responsibilities the physician owes to the public
Restraining Order
court order that prohibits an abuser from coming into contact with the victim
Vital Statistics
major events or facts from a person's life, such as live births, deaths, induced termination of pregnancy and marriages
Vital Statistics
used by government to determine population trends and needs
public duties include reporting births, still births, deaths, injuries and communicable illnesses or diseases by the...
Birth Certificate
this must be signed by the physician who delivered the child or the person in attendance in a home birth
Death Certificate
this must include the date and time of death, name of parents of the deceased and location of the place of death
Coroner or Medical Examiner
must sign the death certificate of the deceased when no physician was present at time of death, a violent death occured, the death occurred when in jail or prison
a medical examiner is a...
Communicable Disease
transferred from one person to another and considered a threat to public, such as tetanus, tuberculosis and gonorrhea that must be reported
failure to report a suspected case of child abuse may result in a charge of...
Elder Abuse
may legally include physical abuse, exploitation and abandonment
Physical Abuse
signs of this may be injuries, fractures, pain in genital area and weight loss
information gathered in an abuse case, may include pictures of bruises or injuries, urine specimens and clothing
Government Agencies
in order to maintain accurate public health statistics conditions such as cancer, epilepsy and congenital disorders of the newborn are reported to...
3 years
registration for physicians who administer controlled substances must be renewed every...
Controlled Substances Act
violations of this act include penalties such as a fine, loss of license to practice medicine and a jail sentence
DEA registration numbers are available to...
some states impose this type of liability on a person who is an HIV carrier and knowingly engages in activities that could spread the virus to others
a coroner or health official must sign a death certificate for any death occuring less than how many hours after a hospital admission
employees in healthcare, daycare and food services are more carefully monitored by public health departments for what kind of diseases
evidence gathered in an abuse case must have a clear chain of...
Drug Enforcement Administration Act
the Controlled Substances Act is also known as the...
when reporting child abuse this person may not be sued by the parents of child and may file an initial oral report followed by written report
personal problems related to alcohol and/or drug abuse cost the US more than what percent of it budget yearly
Hazardous Medical Waste
this type of waste includes infectious waste from body fluid contact and radioactive waste