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The living and nonliving things that share an environment and interact.

Organisms depend on each other, like plants depend on sunlight and living things depend on each other.
How are ecosystems different/similar.
How are forest and desert different? How are they similar? Tropical Rainforest soil is not rich in nutrients because plants quickly absorb nutrients.


The home of a living thing. A coral reef is an example

Food Chain

A series of organisms that depend on one another for food.


An organism, such as a plant, that makes its own food.
They get their energy from the sun. Green Plants, Algea are examples.


An animal that eats plants or other animals. Eagles eat fish, snakes, and other small animals, .


An organism that breaks down dead plant and animal material.

Food web

Several food chains that are connected.


The pattern of weather at a certain place over a long time.


A mixture of minerals, weathered rocks, and decayed plant and animal matter.


A sandy or rocky ecosystem with little rainfall and little plant life.


An ecosystem with many trees.


A large body of salt water.


An ecosystem where water covers the soil for most of the year.


a structure or behavoir that helps a living thing survuve in its environment. like camaflage or mimicry


An adaption that allows an organism to blend into its surroundings.


An adaption in which an animal is active during the night and asleep during the day.


an adaption in which one kind of organism looks like anoher kind in color and shape


To rest or sleep through the cold weather.


To move to another place

Why do animals migrate?

when their environment gets too cold, or when food or water is hard to find.

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