Yoost Chapter 9: Implementation and Evaluation

dependent nursing interventions
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delegationtransfer of responsibility for performing a task to another person while the nurse who delegated the task still remains accountableright task, right circumstance, right person, right direction/communication, right supervision/evaluation5 rights of delegationstanding orderspre-approved standardized physician order set, what you can do in the case of a physician being absentcheck PCP orders, patient's allergies, expiration date of medication3 checks of medication administrationright dose, route, time, medication, patient, documentation6 rights of medication administrationquality improvement (QI)formal way to look at patient & treatment outcomes and to determine what can be done differently to affect a situation in a positive waycollaborative interventionsactions nurse carries out in collaboration with other health team members due to overlapping responsibilities of health care teamEBPevidence based practiceclinical pathwayflow diagram telling you what to do/not to do for everything that might happenprotocoltells you what to do, often found within policies & proceduresphysical carewhat we physically do for the patientinformal counselingworking with patients to come up with ideas about how to handle thingsQIquality improvementquality improvementpurpose is to improve processes so care can be improved, focus on process & not people