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Those medications intended to protect the skin, reduce irritation, and decrease dryness and itching


Those medications intended to relieve pain


Those medications used to decrease nausea when the patient cannot take anything by mouth


Those medications used to stimulate peristalsis to assist in defecation

Gastrointestinally inactivated medications:

Those medications that could be destroyed by digestive enzymes


Those medications that are anti-inflammatory drugs


Those medications that are intended to liquefy secretions


Those medications intended to dilate the bronchial passages

Metered dose inhalers:

____ ____ _____ deliver medications with the use of pressurized gas.


Those medications intended to constrict the blood vessels in the nasal passages, thus decreasing nasal congestion


Those medications intended to relieve allergies


Those medications used to immobilize an insect that has entered the ear canal, so that it can be removed


Those medications that prevent or arrest the growth of microorganisms


Those medications that decrease pain sensation

An emulsion:

__ ____ has small droplets of oil in water or small amounts of water in oil. An example of an __________would be mineral oil or castor oil.


A _____is composed of a nonwater-soluble drug and an alcoholic or hydroalcoholic solution. An example of an elixir would be _____ of iodine, which is a mixture of iodine and sodium iodide in alcohol and water.


_____ are liquid preparations usually used with drugs that do not dissolve in water and are a mixture of alcohol and water.

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