Anatomy Chapter 10 Special Senses

21 terms by louiejack1993

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A ---------- condition in which the lens or its capsual becomes cloudy and opaque.


The --------- is the window of the eye and helps focus entering light rays.


The --------- is a semitransparent membrane covered by a thin layer or skin on its outer surfaces and by a mucus membrane on the inside.


The circular opening in the center of the iris is the -------.


The ability of lens to adjust shape to facilitate focusing is called --------------.


The second part of the ear is the s - shaped tube called the external ----------.


the organ ------- contains the hearing receptors.


The inner earcomplex system of communicating chambers and tubes called a -----------.


The ------ is a thin diaphragm composed mostly of connective tissue and smooth muscle fibers. It is the colored portion of the eye.


The first part of the ear is an outer, funnel- like structure called ---------.


The -------- is the part of the eye that contains the visual receptor cells.


The three auditory ---------- the malleus, the incus, and the stapes.


The auditory tube, the ------------ that connects the middle ear to the throat.


The -------- is known as the "white of eye".


The --------- functions in hearing.


The ---------- glands secretes tears and a series of ducts that carry tears into the nasal cavity.


The ----------- is abony chamber between the semicircular canals conchlea.


The organs of static ------------- sense the position of the head, maintaining stability adn posture when the head and body are still.


Six ----------- muscles move the eye in various directions.


The ------------- is a musus membrane that lines the inner surfaces of the eyelids and folds back to cover the anterior surfaces of the eyeball.


The oval -------- leads to the inner ear.

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